Good morning, everyone!  It’s currently 9:28 am, and I’m sitting in front of the Exhibitor hall with a group of about 45 other people who are all probably here due to the rumor that Fantasy Flight Games will have more copies of Android: Netrunner for sale at 10 this morning.
For the record, there was a rumor last year that there would be WotC reps walking the game hall at a specific time to give out tickets good for advance copies of From The Vault: Legends. 
Yeah, I was a sucker and showed up for that too.
Anyway, so much to say here.  Where to start?
The Commander 11PM Thursday Event

I’m waiting to see how things play out today, but I think I came in just outside of top four.  I’m not going to go into too much depth yet, because Mr. P decided to skip the event to document it instead, and his excellent report is going to go up here shortly.  I’ll give you a few quick hits for now, though:
-I decided to take my Intet list and tweak it to be a ‘metagame breaker’-style deck.  Banking on the fact that I was expecting a majority of the field to be running hard combo, I swapped out Intet for Riku, and packed the deck with ways to redirect, punish, and othewise handle various combos.  I’ll be putting up a write-up on this in short order here.
-It was able to stop a Hermit Druid deck with a well-timed Commandeer, which rates as a success in my book.  It very nearly was able to punish a Palinchron-into-Mirari’s Wake-into-Stroke of Genius combo via Twincast and Redirect, but didn’t have the counter to protect itself and thus fell just short.  All in all, I really enjoyed the deck, and the concept as well.
-As expected, there was a ton of combo.  Mr. P has the stats, but I think he put the field at upwards of 60% combo decks.  Two of my three rounds faced combo attempts, so I’d put that higher.
-There were some people in the right frame of mind, however.  I was able to share a table with John, whom I’d played in the event with last year.  His Animar deck was a straight creature beatdown deck, and he took me out with it in round two.  It was nice to see him again!
-I’ll need to verify, but I believe the winning deck was an Edric, Spymaster of Trest weenie beatdown deck.  Man, do I hope this is true.
-I suspect that Mr. P will have a lot to say about sportsmanship too.  There were some good eggs (Such as John, who shared a prize pack with each person he eliminated every single time), but there was quite a bit of attitude and poor form as well.  (We’re talking things like players rage-quitting with lethal damage pointed at them to prevent the attacker from drawing cards or getting related triggers.)
More to come on this late.
10:18 AM 
Okay…sometimes things are exactly what you expect them to be.  The crowd of 45 blew up to a few hundred by 10:00, and of course, no Netrunner in sight.  (“Check back tomorrow morning, folks!  We’re trying to work a miracle here!”)
Moving on-
The Story Thus Far
I’m sitting on seven prize packs from last night so far, so I guess I’m up on the trip.  After a delicious breakfast (sitting on the table in front of me as we speak…Steak N’ Shake exactly one year later FTW!), I’m headed back to the site to draft for a while.  The rest of the crew – and yeah, introductions are still due – are still asleep, but I imagine we’ll be in full swing soon.
I’m going to do some shopping today, as there are killer finds to be had in dealer binders throughout the hall that you might not find shopping online.  Later on, we’re planning on a triumphant return to P.F. Chang’s (and the wonderful Long Island iced tea!), and we may take a gaming break to catch a showing of Expendables 2. 
I’m also planning on a nap.  🙂
From The Vault: Realms

Evan (over at TheMagicShow) unboxed in full a copy if FTV Realms last night.  If you didn’t see it, the official list is as follows:
-High Market
-Shivan Gorge
-Cephalid Coliseum
-Windbrisk Heights
-Maze of Ith
-Ancient Tomb
-Boseiju, Who Shelters All
-Dryad Arbor
-Forbidden Orchard
-Glacial Chasm
-Grove of the BUrnwillows
-Murmuring Bosk
-Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
This is really solid, and a huge step up in form from FTV: Legends last year.  I hope you all reserved your copies, because the quality of the set coupled with the Legacy plants will ensure this is going to end u well over MSRP in most places.  Once I get back to the real world, I’ll tally the results of the FTV:Realms contest and announce the winner. 
Okay, folks…more to come later.  Please keep your eyes on the Twitter and Facebook feeds, and let me know if there’s anything you want to see.  I’m in reporter mode too…