Good lord, it hurts.
Wait…let’s get back to that…
8:57, In Front Of The Exhibit Hall – The Story Thus Far

(Fantasy Flight Games announced they would have limited availability on Android: Netrunner at 10 AM this morning.  I’m back to suffer again.  Crowd: 50+ and growing…)
When I left off yesterday, I was headed back to collect the crew to start the day.  The joys of having a young son mean that I have absolutely no issue with snapping off four hours of sleep, jumping up, and getting going.  The rest of the crew?  Not so much.
When I got back to the hotel, everyone was still asleep.
Before too long, I was able to motivate most of the gang (sans Mr. P) into heading over to the site.  Chad, Tyler and I dove straight into an M13 booster draft; miracle of miracles, the three of us managed to miss getting paired in round one.  I ended up with a decent-ish midrange G/W build with some decent removal (a pair of Devine Verdict, Oblivion Ring, Pacifism) to support some tech combat tricks through stuff like Yeva’s Forcemage, Griffin Protector, and Roaring Primadox.  It did a wonderful job in the first round against a black/red control deck that was incredibly mana-screwed, and then got completely destroyed in the next round to incredible mana-screw.
I did feel better when I pulled a Liliana out of a prize pack.  So that was good.
UPDATE: Outside Of The Exhibit Hall, 11:15
I positioned myself perfectly outside of the right door, and ran wedge-buster for the guys I met in line.  We all walked away with the two allotted copies of Netrunner.  I stuck around to see who missed the cut, and sold my second copy to a guy and his young son, who had missed the cut by a handful of places in line for what I paid for it. 
There were people buying both copies, paying, and turning around to troll the line to scalp them for upwards of 50% markup.  Good luck with the karma hit there, guys.
I couldn’t get the Thursday night event off of my mind, and I began working on a plan to play the Friday event.  (Essentially the same thing, except it paid out foil uncut M13 sheets.  Try flying home with one of those in your luggage…) I made the decision to go do some shopping to improve the perceived shortcomings of Riku from the night before.
…and it all started very innocently, after finding three FNM Promo Acidic Slime for $3 each.  The next thing I knew, I was shopping prices back and forth across the hall on a Mana Drain, a Judge Foil Mana Crypt, and a foil Mindbreak Trap.
From There…

Plans took a serious left turn from there.  I entered another draft, and went into white/black tokens with heavy removal (double Murder, O-ring, Pacifism, double Devine Verdict.)  I rolled a guy in the first round who…er…didn’t play anything (literally) in the first game, and played two small creatures in the second game.   I realized there was a guy two seats down cutting me off in the second round when I faced a mirror match; the problem was that my deck was spitting out Ravenous Rats and Pillarfield Ox, and his was giving him Attended Knight and Crusader of Odric.
That’s where things went south.
P.F. Chang’s!

It started innocently, and spiraled into three rounds of strong Long Island iced teas.  Suddenly, the 11pm Commander event seemed like a bad call, and very inebriated 2-Headed Giant was the right call.  Tyler and I wandered through five packs of low-end junk that put us into a blue/white control build to back up an aggressive red/black aggro build.  Total value of cards: $.97.
We get to the sixth pack.  Tyler picks it up.
“Here’s that foil Thundermaw Hellkite we ‘ve been looking for.”
He opens the pack. 
Foil Thundermaw Hellkite.
We got completely stomped in the fist round, but weren’t particularly bothered by it, so we moved on to an M13 draft.  The atmosphere was wonderful, with lots of awesome people joking around and having a blast.  We were calling our picks, laughing, and having a blast the whole way.  I lost pretty close games, but got in some great laughs in the process. 
At that point, with about six hours of sleep total in two nights, I headed off to catch some sleep (and sober up) to ensure I’d be good to go for the Netrunner line in the morning.  On the way out, I picked up some more generic event tickets, and entry into the Saturday 10:00 Commander event. 
I’m taking it down tonight, folks.
More soon…