Hello, team!  I’m feeling invigorated after the Isperia thing, so I’m going to do some spring winter cleaning today.  So much to talk about…let’s get right to it!
-Andy and the Commandercast crew were kind enough to feature GDC this week in the Community Spotlight portion of the ‘cast.  Thanks so much, guys!  They also took a page from my playbook and featured the “Add One, Remove One, Approve One” segment that was inspired by my blog post.  Great segment; y’all handled it really well.  (I know I’ve given Sean McKeown some flak in the past, but he was a natural include for this.)
-My partner-in-crime Mr.P has gotten started on an EDH-inspired blog of his own.  Head on over and take a look.
I’m a terrible person.  I still haven’t completed the alteration Imshan requested for his prize from the Thraximundar contest.  It’s a conspiracy, I tell you; the suspects include the holidays, having an infant son, spending time with the wife, working full time, managing a pretty involved CardShark listing, playing drums for various bands, feeding an inexplicable Nerf N-Strike Blaster mod addiction onset, being behind in about a half-dozen important video games, catching up on missing seasons of Dexter and Supernatural, sleeping, eating, maintaining the house, trying to fit in some EDH here and there, and bringing you regular content at GDC.  
I’m a busy man.
But in good faith, here’s a recent shot of the progress.  I’m taking things in a slightly different direction from a standard borderless alter.  It’s closer to completion than this pic, but you’ll get an idea of what’s going on at least:
Imshan, I *promise* this is going to be done in short order.  Pinkie-swear. 
DARK ASCENSION SPOILERS – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
(Pics courtesy of  Examiner.com)
GOOD – Vault Of The Archangel
I love me some utility lands, and anything that taps for one and turns my guys into Wurmcoil Engine impersonators is aces in my book.  I love that this thing blankets your whole team; I was ready to play it when I misread it to say “Target Creature gains deathtouch and lifelink.”
Also – will look phenomenal in foil.
BAD –  Helvault
Awesome.  Someone, please tell me what I’m missing here, because I’m wondering why this is taking up a mythic slot in the set.  It…what, saves a dude from a Wrath?  Is an overly-expensive way to put your opponents’ creatures in temporary timeout?  Seriously…what does this thing do for me?  Plus, the art appears to suck. 
In a related note, my Fat Pack is guaranteed to be back-to-back foil Helvault / regular Helvault now that I said this.
UGLY – Sorin, Lord of Innistrad / Grafdigger’s Cage    
Sorin for the pre-order prices, and Cage for what it appears to do to 90% of the Eternal metagame.  Just sayin’.
It occurs to me that I’ve made reference to my roster of current decks here and there, but I haven’t actually given you the list.  In no particular order, with some quick and dirty notes:
-Basically Goodstuff.dec.
-Not terribly interesting; library manipulation into huge threats for free.
-No mass land-destruction or recurring Time Stretch.  It does commit the Tooth and Nail for Avenger/PrimeTime sin quite a bit, however.
-Basically still together because Intet was my first-ever EDH deck.  The more I play it, the less this is an inhibitor to taking it apart to make a better deck.
-One of my all-time faves.
-Board control with a ‘Fling giant dudes at your face’ slant.
-Protip – It’s not a terribly good idea to play Lord Of Extinction when sitting across the table from this deck.  Granted, he didn’t know I had Grab The Reins and Fling in hand at the time.  Anyone up for another game?
-My only deck to feature a sideboard; currently, Imshan’s list is in place, and I can side out 30-odd cards to turn it into Patrick’s Zombie list.  When I remember to bring the sideboard with me, anyway…
-Affectionately known as “Douchbag Blue”.
-Embodies everything I hate about the game.  Not kidding at all.  I feel dirty just carrying it in my bag.
-Started as a vessel to run my copies of Mana Drain and Timetwister.  Became something much worse.
-More recently, it has become a deck to deal with other “problem” decks and/or players.  I know…my irony detector is literally melting right now.  
-Recent adds include Invoke Prejudice and Mindslaver.  Fun, huh?
-God, I hate this thing.
-Created when I realized I had an unused set of Scrubland/Badlands/Plateau, needed a “red-zone” deck, and got sick of Oros for not ever doing anything except costing too much.
-Constantly surprises me by how strong it actually is.  Probably rates in the top 25% of my decks as far as ability to run a multi-player table.  Kaalia’s ability, when properly built around, is incredibly strong.
-Couldn’t resist throwing in Rakdos.  I’m a bad person.
-Suffers from “linear/obvious build” syndrome.
-Strangely, it draws cards almost better than my blue decks on the back of cards like Phyrexian Arena, Ancient Craving, and Syphon Mind. 
-Born of a need to put a Doubling Season to work in something and a desire to live the Warp World token dream.  Also, part of my “Old Obscure Generals” fetish. 
-Have since pulled Warp World. 
-Everyone’s gotta have a token…er…tokens list, right?  (<cymbal crash>  Thanks, folks.  I’ll be here all week.  Second show is the same as the first.  Don’t forget to tip your waitress.)
-My first attempt at a “tier-one control” list, whatever that means.  (Seriously…it’s in my notes.  I might have been drinking at the time I wrote this.)
-Lots of removal.  LOVES to clear the board like you read about.
-Runs the Darkest Hour turbo-board wipe combo.  Gets it fairly frequently and protects it fairly well.
-I added Vish Kal on a whim and discovered that the Darkest Hour turbo-board wipe combo also can be applied to make him arbitrarily large.  Will be replacing him in the near future.
Everyone needs a mono-color deck.
-Everyone needs a theme deck.
-Angels Tribal seems like a great idea.
-One (or possibly none) of those three statements is probably true.
-Horrifically underpowered.  Like, really badly.  As in “I brought this folding pocket knife to World War Three” underpowered. 
-Strangely, it shines in Horde Magic.  Who knew?
-I need to stop picking up old obscure legendary creatures on a whim.  I’d have paid off half my mortgage by now if I stopped feeling obligated to build whole decks around these guys. 
-Currently waiting on the last few cards to show up in the mail. 
-The design theme ended up being “No instants or sorceries.”
-The build focuses on Aluren and Sun Titan, and is mostly small utility creatures with synergistic ETB effects and tons of recursion.  Lots of bounce and card draw.  This might actually be fun if it works out.
-This might also actually suck and get turned into Bant Goodstuff.  Vigor, Empyrial Archangel, and Tooth and Nail are staring longingly at me from the pieces binder.  Stay tuned.
-A work in progress.
-Ironically, the design came out of a desire to play a cool red-zone artifact deck without having to be in UWB, thus obligating myself to pick up an UndergroundSea, Tundra, and Scrubland, plus associated fetches and shocklands.  I have a Guardian Beast that has been dying to see play, and it’s going to have to wait a little longer.  

See kids?  I can be responsible with my money.

-…except that now I’m eyeballing Forcefield and Gauntlet Of Might, and the “piece cards” like Darksteel Forge and Mycosynth Golem are all $10 or more.  
-I suck at this.
-I think I have Devour For Power and Mirror Mastery.  I’m not totally sure.  I had a playset of the pre-cons, and took several apart when I realized that I just wasn’t going to play them.
-Holding out hope that somewhere at some point I’ll be asked to play in an all-precon game, or that someone will want to learn how to play Magic and I can break them out.
Have a great weekend, everyone-