Oh hey!

You know how we said we were going to slow down on content because of stuff? Ha! Just kidding!

The last time some of Team GDC got together for a podcast, it involved releasing the Kraken Spiced Rum and talking about…something. (Here’s a link to Podcast: The Second, and to The First One.)

This time around, we enlisted Sean (@SwordsToPlow) for a little discussion about some more stuff. We sure do like to talk about stuff!

Here is Podcast #3 for your enjoyment. Download it here.

Stealing a bit of tech from our buddies over at CommanderCast (www.commandercast.com) here’s a quick overview of the content covered, because that’s how we do it here (apparently.)


We discuss the new EDH Precons for 26 minutes. I won’t tell you how much of it is devoted to complaining about oversized foils, but it’s in there. Other things we talk about related to the EDH Precons: the new generals, what sorts of games we think Wizards thinks we are playing, homogeneity, popularity, and why Sean wants them to revisit Splice onto Arcane (well, he strongly implies this.)


We discuss “growing the brand”; how to build and improve your playgroup. Sean mentions kicking a puppy, Cassidy talks about his past as a Dirty Combo Player, and I use the words “emblematic” and “Mind Crank” in the same sentence. If you’re not already downloading and/or listening to this, you’re probably doing it wrong.

As ever, thanks for listening, and please ghost us up in the Comments to let us know how much you agree with us, how wrong we are, or why I should have activated that Relic of Progenitus.

Y’all are the best!

->Mr. P
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