First things first, folks-

The GDC Podcast #2 is complete. Download it here.

Mr. P and I are coming with the raw tracks once again.  We’ll figure out how to edit this things and add music and fireworks and whatnot at some point.  For now, we got together this past weekend to watch the Patriots lose, consume some fine cheeses, and figured we’d turn the mic on while we were at it.

What we discussed:

  • Theros!  Now that it has had some time to settle in, how has it been received by the EDH format?  We talk cards, mechanics, and Cass’ complete inability to make a good mono-black deck.
  • Releasing the Kraken!  (Spoiler alert – the Kraken wins.)
  • The Hydra!  Theros Game Day was this past weekend, and Wizards of the Coast has released the ”Face The Hydra” deck to the public.  Mr. P and I put it through the paces with a few two-on-one EDH games, and report the results and the changes we made to even the playing field.

It’s a good time!  Take a listen.  The next time around, we’re going to get Sean involved, and who knows…we may edit it as well.  Keep your fingers crossed.

While we’re here-

Anyone Want To Win A Commander 2013 Pre-Con?

That’s right.  It’s been a while, and we felt like marking the release of the Commander 2013 Pre-Cons with a giveaway!

The details:

This is a deckbuilding competition, pure and simple.  Put your best foot forward, and come up with a complete decklist based on one of the new generals from the Commander 2013 Pre-Cons.  We like details, so give us a little write-up on what you’ve got going on with your list.

Anything goes, but be warned; that goes for the judging as well.  The entire GDC team – Imshan, Dave, Sean, Mr. P, and Cass – will be reviewing all the lists, convening, and deciding on a single winner.  You know we all come from different places as far as what we like (and don’t like) in an EDH deck, so be prepared, and bring your best.

We’ll be going over the decklists the weekend following the release of the Pre-Cons: November 2nd and 3rd.  We’ll announce a winner on the regular Monday post on November 4th. 


The winner is taking home a copy of the ”Eternal Bargain” Esper pre-con.

Send all entries to generaldamagecontrol (at)

Good luck, everyone!