Check out GDC Podcast #4 for your listening pleasure, available to download here.

This week Cass and Sean (@swordstoplow) added Dave to the mix for a discussion of mana curves in EDH and a debate on the 75% concept for deck building proposed by Jason Alt on GatheringMagic.com.

Editors warning: We won’t say who, but one of the newest dudes on the cast may have had a less than ideal setup for recording. Apologies for the occasional static that is probably all his fault. We’re working on it for next time.

Here’s how it went down:


Intros. Scotch Jokes. Reddit. JUDAS PRIEST!

01:14-10:50 – Put some action in my life

Segment 1: Mana Curves

Sean talks about aggressive curves and building his decks as if everybody runs Armageddon, but Cass just loves Worldspine Wurm too much. Dave bemoans people getting annoyed when your on-curve deck turns guys sideways for a piddly four damage on turn four.

10:51-32:20 – Breakin’ the Law!

Segment 2: The 75% Rule

Sean has a rusty nail stuck in him. Also, Cass reminds us that Internet trolls are a wonderful reason to be alive. In all seriousness, Sean thinks the 75% rule is a bad idea, Cass likes the philosophy behind it as far as helping newer players, and Dave’s all about powering down decks sometimes, if only for goofy reasons.

32:20-End – There’s Anger in My Heaaaaaaaaaart


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So that was fun.

Keep it fresh.