Do you need more fodder to motivate you into planning for GenCon 2016? Do you want more CommanderPod Self Flagellation? Read on (all two of you).

Starting off, I’ll give a short summary of my experience running some silly thang in one solitary Commander Cabana pod. I have a longer piece about thinking about metas, in which I’ll outline the various evolutions of my Isperia Azorius control deck (and I’m too lazy to figure out the list now), but basically where Cass brought Grand Arbiter Augustin IV Taxes Control to rumble and “piloted” it to a giving up the ghost finish, I went with a more conventional, draw-more-cards counter-most-threats UW control deck. Whereas Cass suffered the soul crushing of a third year trying to fight the good fight, I went in with a different set of goals: test the hypothesis that you should start a game with randos by asking them what type of game they wants; don’t get totally destroyed by the dedicated combo players; have fun.

For the record: fail – people in the for prize pods were a mix of honest, uncomfortably shifty to not commit, and straight up dishonest (ie. this is just a random weird fun deck. oops. turn two combo out the table.); fail – the one time I faced a dedicated combo player, he crushed us all in four turns, then did the same in the two casual games we played while waiting. Proof of concept this deck was not; and succeed – the Cabana pods were a total blast.

The lesson I learned is the “answers” deck has a hard time keeping up with three heads-down, trying-to-combo-as-fast-as-possible “question” decks.

Now on to the photos.

2015-08-04 (16)

This is where we enjoyed a night time repast in mid-west of no where on the way to Indy.

2015-08-04 (3)

An amazing amalgamation of commanders to kick things off.

2015-08-04 (5)

Sweet sweet free schwag. Thanks Ultrapro.


Indian Buffet – basically the only meal we ate out that wasn’t some version of bistro something americana something. Mr. P was pleased.

2015-08-04 (12)

Cass shuffling up for some pod of something. Woot.

2015-08-04 (11)

We are dudes. Big Dudes.


Sean and an unnammed 6th dude who – the two of whom thoroughly trounced the rest of us.



2015-08-04 (8)

These are the playmats Team GDC spent all our prize tickets on. We will be giving them away.

2015-08-04 (9)

As we wait in line for Battle Tech pods. You’ve been warned.

2015-08-04 (6)

Oh and this guy was there. Holy wow.

That’s all the photos. It was so glorious. We love you.

<3 @MdaveCS