Happy Monday, everyone!

I hope everyone is settling in to the new digs.  Things have been tweaked and tuned a little bit here and there over the past few days as we find or are alerted to them, so please keep the suggestions and bug reports coming.  We’re taking it all in and doing what we can to make GDC the best we possibly can.

So…a few things about that title!

This is GenCon week, and as most of you know, Mr P and I are getting ready to pack up and head on out to Indy.  Due to the travel, the content this week is likely going to be shorter than usual, but it will be coming more frequently.  Again, we’ll be lighting up Facebook and Twitter the whole way, and we’ll keep things coming here as well.  As usual, stay tuned.  We’ll make it worth your while!

And as for that second part…


We’d like to wish a warm welcome to Imshan Poolar! Many of you already know Imshan both from his fantastic work with Commandercast and also his presence on Twitter (@generalspeak); we’re really excited to announce that he’s our fourth official team member.  Imshan actually started consulting behind the scenes with GDC a few months back, so technically he’s number three in line to the GDC throne.  (Sorry, Dave!)

Imshan is joining GDC as an editor and contributor, and we couldn’t be happer to count him as part of the team.  Welcome aboard!

Moving forward – GenCon kicks off Thursday morning, but Mr P and I are on the way tonight via a short (and adventurous) stop at Foxwoods Casino and Resort before hitting a Wednesday-night flight out of Hartford.  The fun starts early.  (As does the bar tab.)  Stay tuned…we’ve got quite a bit of stuff on the way in the next few days. 

The journey begins…