Hi there!

It’s good to go into anything with a sense of what you hope to get out of it. With this in mind, Cass and I decided to compose an article in which we describe our goals for GenCon 2k13, which we will be arriving at in approximately 7 hours (it’s currently 5PM and we’re at Bradley International Airport in Hartford, CT. Thanks for the free WiFi!)

So anyways, here are our goals for GenCon 2013.

-Mr. P’s Goals-

-I want to play at least one (and hopefully more) game of EDH that is fun, silly, causal, and does not end with someone combing off.

-I want to give GDC business cards to at least 100 people.

-I want to meet as many new people as possible, and draft them into the GDC faithful.

-I want to win prizes in 2-headed giant draft with each other member of our crew (Cass, Chad, Asa, Dexter, and Lund.)

-I want to go to each of the following restaurants each once: PF Chang’s, the RAM, and Harry n’ Izzy’s.

-I want to find at least be new restaurant to add to my list of restaurants I want to go to next year.

-I want to have as much fun as possible, to get as little sleep as possible, and to come home feeling like I enjoyed every second of the ride.

That’s my list! How about you, Cass?

-Cass’s Goals

-I want to take the Prime Speaker GenCon Metagame deck to a 3-round event and be able to come back with a good story involving sitting down a dedicated combo deck.

-I want to check out the 4-man EDH ‘points’ events with a few other players down to have a fun and interesting game.

-I want to catch up to Uriah from CMDR Decks and record a feature on the Prime Speaker deck. (To which Mr. P says, good point! Maybe I can sucker him into doing a feature on the laundromat deck!)

-I want to catch up to Eric Klug and discuss alterations for my copy of Karador, Ghost Chieftain.

-I want to hopefully not embarrass myself in a Legacy event (and preferably make prizes.)

-I want to have a hell of a dinner at PF Chang’s., featuring multiple Long Island Iced Teas.

-I want to three-peat as the undisputed master in our crew of the Battletech pods. (Fear the Atlas! (Mr. P’s Daishi eats your Atlas for lunch!))

-I want to get in some casual EDH games with some good people.

-I hope to meet a ton of cool people and hand out a ton of our business cards.

-I want to avoid tilting and dropping a boatload of cash on “upgrades” to an EDH deck like I did last year just to prove a point (that I can’t even identify to begin with.)

-I just want to have a blast with my friends. That seems like the best way to sum it up.

Good-ass list, yo! This is going to be awesome! Again, if you are going to be there, hit us up on Twitter or in the comments! Hope to see y’all there!

->Mr. P n’ Cass