Good morning, everyone-

First off, apologies to Dave and everyone tuning in yesterday for Three Cards Deep. This is on me for sure…things spiraled a bit out of control yesterday (as anyone who follows any of us on Twitter already knows), so there’s a bit of catching up to be done. Stay tuned.

Speaking of,,,


As I write this, it’s roughly 10AM local time. I’m set up in First Watch in downtown Indianapolis enjoying a bunch of fresh fruit, a French toast Monte Cristo, and coffee.

Lots of coffee.

We did our annual P.F. Chang’s dinner last night. Many Long Island Iced Teas were had. We may have ended up in a sports bar, where we very closely avoided a fist-fight with a bunch of Tampa Bay fans who weren’t pleased with us loudly cheering on the Patriots. I may have gotten loose with the ice tongs from Mr P’s room.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.


So far, the only event I’ve been able to catch was the 3-round event on Thursday. It turns out that these events also use the ‘points’ system that the small 4-man events use, meaning that you effectively can’t play EDH here without it. In theory, this should help to make the games more enjoyable and less competitive.

In practice, combo is still running rampant, and the payout for first place is only twelve packs of M14. I’ll go into more detail next week when I break down the event, but I sat with a Trostani deck, a Zur deck, and a Scion of the Ur-Dragon deck. I was able to stop the Scion deck from combing off three different times in the first five or six turns. This is good.

However, I was unable to contain the Zur deck more than a few times, and even after I blew up his board and exiled half of his library, he still managed to go infinite off of Sensei’s Divining Top, Future Sight, Mind over Matter, and Palinchron into some giant loop that we all stopped paying attention to. He literally sat there goldfishing the deck for the judges until he had achieved every single point possible, positive or negative.

Did I mention that this was after he resolved a Gifts Ungiven and got a judge called on him for it?

Like I said, more details to come. But by the looks of it, the other EDH events are about the same. Social contract > twelve packs of the worst Core Set in a long time.

I’m going back for more today, and likely tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted.


This is not going any better. I think I’m about one for five on even winning a single game so far. The plan, as it seems, is that everyone scrambles for blue to run a control deck in one seat and green or red to run an aggro deck in the other. The people who try to stray from this plan to take advantage of the open colors lose promptly to the best blue deck anyway. Shuffles have also not been kind, but it is a very pool-dependent format, and because the quality of the cards in the set is so low overall, losing the first round leaves you with a giant pile of junk and a collective $32 hole in your team pockets.

I think I need to do single drafts from here on out. Or likely steer clear of them altogether in favor of other things.


Haven’t been able to fit it in yet. I think today is the day. I’m steering clear of the big events and going for the open win-a-box floating pods. I hope this will lend itself to a lower level of competition, because I’m not good at this format. And also because I need to get that box of M14? No idea…I wish they paid out events in something other than core set.


Mr P and I got our picture taken with Richard Garfield. That was pretty cool. (Yeah…it’s coming.) We’ve been enjoying demoing other games (the new Ascension expansion is fantastic) and doing plenty of shopping; other that the bad-ass solid metal D10s I picked up, I’ve gotten in on a playmat , a killer deal on a played Unlimited Forcefield for Memnarch, an Underground Sea in really nice shape for $100, and then a Judge Foil Bribery, Foil Sensei’s Divining Too, and Foil Academy Ruins for the Prime Speaker deck. No luck in the entire convention on a Foil Oblivion Stone so far, but here’s to hoping today bears some fruit.

In case anyone was wondering, I’m second and third so far in the Battletech Pods. This is unacceptable, and I will exact 100 tons of mechanized revenge on Mr P and the rest of the crew tonight. Good times will be had by all!

More to come, folks-