So I arrive at GenCon 2014 today.

A couple things about this. First off, I’m holding the fort for Team GDC: New England this year; as you may have heard, Cassidy is not going to be making it. Bummer! Also, unlike past years, I’ve decided to drive to Indianapolis, because why not? Road trip, baby! I spent the day yesterday getting the General P warshed and ready to go, and then hit the road with my minion friend Asa early in the morning. Straight out of New England via the horiffically boring pleasant-to-drive New York Thruway, on to a roach motel in Ohio, and then Indianapolis at the crack of noon today.  Lookout, world!

So anyways, because I’m predictable and linear, I figured I’d do some goal setting and force y’all to read it, because I’m Mr. P. Feel free to stop reading right now!


1. Meet people!

One of the good/bad things about going to GenCon with a decent sized-crew is that you have a group of people to hang out with. This is good because things are fun with more people. This is bad because it means that it’s easy to spend the entire weekend only interacting with your crew. In that Asa and I don’t have a crew, guess what we’ll be looking to do? That’s right, baby! Time to get our social on!

To be fair, I’m interested in meeting as many new people as possible, including but not limited to anyone who might be reading this. So, if you’re going to GenCon, say hi! I will try to wear some of my GDC swag at all times, which means if you see some scummy looking dude with the GDC logo on his back, you’ve probably just found Mr. P. Congratulations! Run!

Also, if you want inane updates about what’s happening (and pictures!), feel free to follow me on Twitter at @thingsMrPthinks and check out #MrPGenCon

(Editor’s Note:  This is not optional!  Join the rest of Team GDC as we live vicariously through Mr. P over the next five days.  You won’t be sorry!

2. Play constructed?

Hey, why not! I have a Legacy deck together (UWR Stoneforge – I refuse to call it “Delver” when it so clearly wins with Stoneforge Mystic), and a Standard deck (UW Control…anyone see a pattern here?), and I have a vague urge to play in a Win-a-Box or two. Also, if I can find a vendor that will sell me a Modern Event Deck at cost, I will totally sleeve it up and play some terrible Modern event. What a great idea!

So will I actually do anything other than play drafts and drank? Well, I’ll at least have the decks with me to potentially do it.

3. Learn to play EDH.

I’ll write a longer piece about this at some point (hopefully including the data I generate at GenCon), but here’s the quick version; I want to learn about how people in other metagames play EDH. I love the play environment that I play in regularly, but I also recognize that it is only one example of the many ways that people play EDH. I am interested to learn how games look in environments where the majority of players play decks that have at least one way to InstaWin. I expect that most of the games of EDH that get played at GenCon will be like this (even the “fair” games), as most metagames are probably considerably less anti-combo than mine.

So anyways, I want to see those games in action. I will probably play in a few of them as well, which leads to my other goal…

4. Lose with dignity.

I’ll be honest: while I think my EDH decks are strong, none of them have the ability to instantly win the game. As such, I expect to play a lot of EDH games that end when someone finds their combo and InstaWins. My goal is to respond positively when this happens, and to learn from it.

4.5  This might also happen again…

If you missed it last year, here’s a little required reading.

.     .     .     .     .

Yeah! So those are my goals for GenCon. If you’re going, hit me up on Twitter! If not, wish me luck!

->Mr. P