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This is a little something whipped up roughly on Sunday morning by Patrick, who kind-of went to GP Vegas.  Obviously, the event is over by now; there is likely more to this story, but Mr. P is busy decompressing for the time being.  This is understandable…read on.
Round one: vs Logan Airport

So it was the last day of school, and then the traffic sucked, and I got to the airport at 4:00 for a 4:30 flight to DC, which was supposed to be then on to Vegas for a 10PM arrival.  I couldn’t check in because apparently I messed the deadline, but they put me on another flight at to San Francisco, with arrival in Vegas at like . 
That was very nice of them.  I’m sorry I was late.  We’ll call this round a draw.


Round two: vs SFO

Got to San Francisco ready to get on my connecting flight.  The first thing I see is one of those big-ass boards that lists all the flights; my flight to Vegas ominously says “Delayed: awaiting flight crew” with a new departure time of (which would put me in Vegas around .) Well played, SFO! You win!


Round three: vs SFO (Re-paired!)

So it’s .  Please note that this is Pacific Time, so it’s actually . 
I’ve been up for almost 21 hours. 
We board the plane and I fall into something which might vaguely be described as “sleepish”.  This lasts approximately 20 minutes until we are instructed to deplane because the flight crew is too sleepy to fly.  SFO BOARDED IN “SLEEPY FLIGHT CREW” IN ROUND 3!  Masterful!  Let’s go learn about what the poor suckers at the ticket counter are going to do for us!


Round four: vs SFO

Initially, it was announced that we would all get hotel rooms and new flights and possibly a pony, but instead what we got was to wait in line for about 3 hours while the sad ticket crew tried to appease 150 irate stranded Vegas-bound travelers. 
How awesome! 
I took this opportunity to go get some more sleepish on a bench over in the corner, which was impeded somewhat by the collection of bros parked nearby taking about strippers and hookers and blow, because you know, Vegas. 
So anyway, nearly 3 hours later I make it to the ticket counter, and I proceed to be exceptionally nice and considerate to the poor lady who is trying her best to make people happy in an absolutely impossible situation. 
Seriously, here’s my protip: be nice to everyone, especially to people who are trying to fix things that aren’t their fault.

So anyways, I get offered a new flight at on Saturday; this doesn’t, you know, really meet my needs when I need to be in Vegas for .   Then, I inquire about renting a car, because you know, a 10-hour drive on 25 hours with no actual sleep sounds awesome. 
Anyways, I eventually get booked on a to LAX with an connection to get me in Vegas by .

I have now officially missed playing in GP Vegas.


Round five: vs LAX

Holy pancakes! This airport blows!  At least I get to hang out here for 4 hours!

(Side note: I know there is some terrible movie that possibly stars Ben Affleck that centers around a couple who meets in an airport, but seriously, is there possibly a worse place to try to get your swerve on than at the airport?  Good lord.  Everyone who is there is totally pissed off and frazzled and irate and wanting to be somewhere else.  Airports suck.  Oh, and LAX REALLY sucks.)


Round six: vs the GP Vegas staff

So I finally make it to Vegas at , only 4 hours late to play in the event and only 16 hours after I was supposed to (and only 24 hours after arriving at the airport in Boston!).  Fortunately, my friend Riss picks me up and she’s awesome, and we proceed to the venue where a very nice fellow informs me that they have saved my playmat and promo card and free sleeves, and they will comp me for the event registration. 
Holy Twinkies! I actually won a round!


Round seven: vs Del Taco and bed  (Oh snap! The west coast!  Del Taco!)

Having not eaten any real food since, um, a long time ago, I proceed to continue my streak by going to Del Taco! Awesome!
(Side note: ask Cassidy to tell his Del Taco story.)

Then, I take a shower, and proceed to lie down at approximately for a quick nap.

I woke up at the following day.

That’s right; I spent my first full night in Vegas sleeping for 14 hours.  Nobody parties like Mr. P!

On the upside, I totally annihilated that Del Taco, and I had a really favorable match-up against bed.


Overall, I went 2-4-1 on Day 1, which was not good enough to make Day 2, especially since I wasn’t actually playing in the event.  I believe the plan for day 2 is to play in a side event or two, and then Riss and I are going to go to the Mongolian BBQ and/or get whiskey-drunk.  So far, GP Vegas has sucked a gigantic ass, but Riss is awesome and my friend Tristen is here too and he’s awesome as well, and it’s just a game, you know?  Oh, and I get to keep the playmat!  Awesome!

I hope GP Vegas is going well for y’all.  I look forward to my flight home, as I fully expect to get rerouted through Mexico, or possibly Antartica.


->Mr. P
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