Hey folks-

Hopefully you all are enjoying a wonderful Halloween tonight, and hopefully you’re all ready to get down with the Commander 2013 Pre-Cons, which hit stores officially tomorrow.  I’ve got the day off, and I’ll be starting first thing in the morning, blanketing a three-state area to try to lock down the Pre-Cons to cover the things I need to cover.  We’ll see how it goes; it;s going to be interesting to see who plays ball and sells these things at MSRP, and who goes for the cash grab.  Either way, I’ll be ending up at Worlds Apart in Amherst, MA to pick up the playset I have on order at MSRP.  (Thanks, guys!)

I wanted to point out one final time that the door is closing on our Commander 2013 “Eternal Bargain” Pre-Con Giveaway .  If you want to take a copy of this Pre-Con home free of charge, hit up the link above, brew up a deck, and send it over before Saturday.

For now, I want to take the time tonight to point out a really awesome thing our compatriots over at Commandercast.com are doing.  Check it out:



Gifts Given Charity Drive 2013


Mr. P and I are going to be on Commandercast in a few weeks time, and one of the things that was discussed while we were recording was the Gifts Given charity those guys do every year.

Head here for details.

This year, they’re supporting Dreams For Kids, an organization that supports and empowers at-risk youth.  It’s a great cause, and to entice you to give, donations of $25 will enter you into a drawing for the Commander 2013 Pre-Cons, a booster box of Theros, and much more.  (Donations of any amount are accepted.)

If you can manage it, I hope you’ll consider a donation to a fantastic cause.  Team GDC will be stepping up and doing whatever we can to contribute as well.

.     .     .     .     .

That’s it for now, everyone.  Good luck with Commander 2013 weekend, everyone.  I hope you all manage to secure whatever decks you want to get, and get out to test-drive them this weekend.  We’ll be back tomorrow with something a little different, and next week, we’ll be diving in with some comprehensive looks at the Pre-Cons.

Stay tuned!