Hello, readers!  I hope you’re all having a fantastic holiday season.  I just wanted to shoot out a quick heads-up to let you all know that posting will be light until next week due to the holidays, and the related travel logistics and commitments with family and friends.  I may get a post or two in here and there, but look for next Monday for normally-weighted content to resume. 

Coming up-

Points Systems – I’ll share with you guys the trials and tribulations of implementing a ‘points-style’ system for our regular Wednesday LGS games.  Details on balancing the weight of points for achievements, including penalties, community input, and the current list we use will be included.

Play-By-Plays – I’m getting some requests for more PBPs related to featured decklists, so I’ll work to include these a bit more often.  My Sisters Of Stone Death list will be first in line, followed by a freshly-overhauled Kresh list, and some more Thraximundar love.

More Deck Tech – I’ll be trying to toss up some of the decklists that I’ve come across due to numerous requests.  I’ve been talking to a few people about some additional cross-content deck workshops as well, so stay tuned for that.  And I’m ready to start brewing a final Angus Mackenzie list, so start thinking about ways to, you know, not make a crappy list there.  I’ll need it.

GenCon And The Problem Of EDH Events For Prizes – Like I said…something is on the horizon here.  Stay tuned to see how it turns out.  This should be really cool, and hopefully a pretty big deal overall if it goes down correctly.

.  .  .  .  . 
Until then, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, thoughts, suggestions, or anything else.  I love to hear from you guys, and I’m always up for hearing what you’d like to see on GDC. 
Thanks again, and happy holidays!