I have been scraping the barrel for Magic time lately, but not wanting to disappoint, I wanted to walk you through packing my (deck) bag.

I have to apologise again. I know you want to get the final instalments of Mental Cesspool on Storm. Unfortunately the last few weeks have been downright crazy for me, and I have not had the time to sit down and finish crunching those numbers.

Between getting the final details sorted out for Pigtail’s and my ‘World Tour’, end of financial year (yup, we do end of financial year here in Australia at the end of June) and some other long term shenanigans I may have my mitts involved in for PAX Australia 2015, I have been very busy.

As I write this, there are 40 days until I we get on a plane to the USA and ultimately to Gen Con 2015. In these 40 days I need to make sure passports are in order, get electronic authorisations to travel (yep, although we’re a visa waiver nation, we need to get a ‘visa’ to get the automatic visa), sort out the gym membership, plan the last bits of touristy junk, and most importantly figure out what decks I am travelling with.


Between smuggling all the Tim Tam packs and jars of Vegemite into America to inflict on our awesome house mates in the GDC palace and the electronic doo-dads and gizmos (read: Nintendo DS for Pokémon battling), my carry-on luggage space is super limited.

Editor: What even is this?

Editor: What even is this?

That and I need to fit in the rumoured “best drinking game ever in existence”. The question of which decks to arm myself with is a tricky one. Commander and Vintage are my formats of choice. I have booked myself in the Thursday and Friday Vintage events. Commander-wise, I’ve not booked myself into any of the events, mostly because I would rather play a game where we can set our own expectations as opposed to dealing with pack hunters.

ToooooMany Deck!

The question therefore is how many decks can I or should I pack and which ones? When I travel interstate to the GP, I tend to pack four to six decks—one Vintage, one Legacy and two to four EDH decks, depending where I am going and who will be there. Currently, I am planning to haul in two Vintage lists. Sadly I can’t say more on that topic since Vintage is where I will be getting my ‘all guns blazing’ competitive on. I am undecided on if I should scrap the Legacy deck or not and thus on how many EDH slots I can hold open.

I want to take a spread, a range of decks and not just Vegemite. I’m going to definitely bring up my own Riku list and if a knife must be brought to a thumb wrestle I will have Arcanis on hand, though I hope that only sees the light of day if that is the kind of game everyone one wants. One other deck I really want to bring out is Turbo Intervention. This leaves me three remaining slots.

Part of what has taken my time over the last few weeks is the reconstruction of my deck database. I have been slowly moving my deck box to a selection of cards broken down into card type. The idea is that as they are all in the same sleeves, therefore I can choose a recipe from my data base and quickly assemble my chosen toy. The problem is I have been slack with maintaining the database of the last few years. As a result the lists are spread across several locations with various modifications made to them. Perhaps I can solve my dilemma if I can get this database back to life. Otherwise I will have to decide between “Death by Walkers”, “Enchantress”, “Mucking with Mana” or one of the other projects on the boiler.

I’d love to hear from you all either on twitter or in the comments about your plans. How many decks do you normally travel with? Is that the same for Gen Con? What kinds of decks are you considering bringing to Gen Con? If there is something you think I should haul up from Australia or a particular deck you want to see, let me know as well…. I’ll see if I can fit it in.

Uncle Kaka