I guess we have some explaining to do, right?

Part 1 – Teh L33t H4x0rz!

We’re clearly in some new digs here, and the digital moving van hasn’t shown up quite yet with our stuff.  As it turns out some sneaky little keyboard ninja figured out a way into our admin panel, and jacked up the old site with a ton of malware.

We’re still trying to unravel the damage – our beloved hosting agency, who shall go unnamed (but the name rhymes with “Slow Caddy”) kept me on tech support chats for ten straight days, with roughly twenty people, just to try to get things straight.  They decided the way to go was instead of offering support, they would provide me with a sales pitch for other services, hold my broken database hostage unless I paid a ton of money for a backup, and then put me on with a manager (Hi Topher!  Thanks again!) who took a very condescending tone and blame-shifted the whole issue to me.

(In related news, we’re actively shopping for new hosting…)

So anyway, we have some old friends trying to help unravel things, and it’s not as easy as it looked to be at first glance.  Hopefully, we’ll start to extract and republish the six-odd years of content we lost, so stay tuned on that.

In the meantime, we’re back, rebuilding the site (3.0 baby!), and we’ll be forging ahead with new content.  Stay tuned.

Part 2 – GenCon 2017


This year marks the big 5-0 for GenCon, and we’re making a return in grand fashion.  Much like two years back, we’ve already booked the house, and we’re grabbing plane tickets and lining up plans.  There will be more on this as we get closer, because let’s face it – we’re all giddy as schoolboys at the prospect of five-odd days unleashed in the big city in the middle of the biggest group of gamers anywhere, with no familial obligations to speak of at all.  It goes without saying – we’ll be Tweeting and FaceBooking and generally making a big deal out of the trip, so stay tuned – and if you’re going to be in Indy in August, hit us up for some games.

Part 3 – #EDHConfession

Speaking of Twitter, our very own @Alexckzeto took to the Tweetersphere to toss out the #EDHConfession hashtag this week, and people are chiming in left and right.  Hit it up to drop your dirty little Commander secrets out in the open for the rest of us to point fingers and laugh at.

And speaking of segues…

Part 4 – The MTGO Bug

Co-captain and all-around GDC anchor Dave caught me on a day where I was working from home.

Let’s play a game over lunch, he said.

I can loan you a deck, he said.

Just download the client, he said.

…yeah.  So I’m not sleeping anymore, and I’m trying to restrain myself from investing in ‘digital objects’.  And sorta succeeding.  Or not.

Dave is a straight-up digital crack dealer.

That’s what Dave looks like in real life. No joke.

So far, Chris (our own @EDHGhost) has jumped aboard as well.  We’re grabbing games together left and right.  I’m punishing everyone with the long-overdue return of Mishra, Artificer Prodigy – as it turns out, cards like Nether Void cost about two dollars in the digital realm, so I promptly pulled out all the stops and stuck Dave and Chris under a Knowledge Pool.  We’re gaming, and it’s wonderful.  Don’t belive the hype.

(Okay, believe it a little.  The MODO client is still really rough around the edges.  But it does work.)

A word to the wise – there’s a very important thing to take note of when playing online.  If you see a Commander queue with four slots, it’s going to be a fun casual game.

If you see 1v1, it will be competitive hell.  You’ve been warned.

Anyway, since I’m a glutton for punishment, my #EDHConfession is that I’ve pieced together both a combo Arcum Dagsson and a lockdown-and-combo-out Grand Arbiter Augustin IV, and I’m putting in some work.  Turns out I’m fine with this sort of competitive arrangement, so long as I know what I’m walking into up front.  It’s not my first choice in EDH games, but it’ll do.

I’ll be running some updates and game reports as we continue to explore this thing as a group.  If you’ve got an account and play online, hit me up – my username is (you guessed it) “GDCCommander”, and I promise the 1v1 monsters will stay tucked away.


That’s it for now.  We just wanted to make sure everyone got the word on what’s going on around here, and that we’re not gone – down and out, but we’re on the return.  Stay tuned – regular content will resume this Friday.

Thanks for hanging in there.  We’ll see you soon.