I’m trying to put together an article about (how I attempt) getting better at Magic during EDH games. So I thought I’d pose a question to readers:

What technical aspects of MTG do you find most challenging when playing EDH?

Certain technical aspects of Magic obviously play out differently in any multiplayer environment, and in EDH there’s the added issue of having access to larger ranges of resources to do things. Sometimes this makes gameplay much more complex (for me and probably most other players).

For example, I sometimes struggle to plan my turn (when playing a “questions” deck like my straight-forward RG RampintoMonsters thing), and can’t usually visualize a coherent set of things I may want to do on my turn; I have to wait until the game reaches the combat step of the player immediately before me.

All the options a normal hand presents as far as answering other threats, developing my board further, doing something to acquire more resources like lands or cards, or just attacking the main threat at the table are too difficult to evaluate until it’s my turn and I know what other people have/are doing and working with. This makes my turns slower than I wish and sometimes leads me to forget to do stuff that I had decided was important like sequencing a bunch of effects, spells, and combat.

Another tough one for me is remembering triggers that are on events instead of at a specific phase. I almost never miss upkeep triggers because I use reminders like a dice on top of my library, but I often miss simple things like Blood Artist triggers when two players deal with dudes dying in combat if I’m not getting attacked.

A buddy said he also has trouble figuring out what cards are when he doesn’t recognize the art because he has to reach across and read them and then remember that completely new info while taking his game actions.

So there are lots of different things that fall under the category of technical aspects of playing EDH that might be tough. What technical aspects do you find challenging? (I also posed this question to the EDH Subreddit so feel free to head over there to spout off or join that discussion too. I’m going to combine everything later.)


Keep it fresh.


PS catch those early BNG spoilers? Holy free cards Sphinx of Djinn of Wishes!