Hello, team!  Let’s dive right in-

The Mothership dropped a little update today regarding the state of the multiplayer support for next summer.  (Head over to take a look if you haven’t seen it yet…)

The first hotness is that Wizards is pushing a new Planechase release in June 2012.  It’s already a known fact that there’s a ‘multiplayer push’ each year, and Planechase is the next stop in the rotation.  We’re going to see four new decks. (titled the pretty awesome “Chaos Reigns”, the slighty awkward “Savage Auras”, the not-quite-as-awesome-as-Chaos-Reigns “Primordial Hunger”, and the 1980’s-B-movies-called-and-want-their-movie-title-back “Night Of The Ninja”)  We also get a host of new planes, including a shout-out to the old school Shandalar PC game!  Thirty-two new planes will be introduced in all

Also included are new “Phenomenon” cards, which appear to be ‘event’-related cards (you somehow “encounter” them…)  “Time Distortion” is a pretty fantastic little spin on things:

(courtesy Wizards.com)

This thing hints at some pretty strong groundbreaking mechanics.  There are only eight “Phenomenon” cards, so here’s hoping they’re all this strong and interesting.

It also looks like we’re getting new cards, a la the Commander releases last summer.  Usual rules apply; the cards are all Eternal-legal, and unique to the release.  Included are a new cycle of multi-colored Legendary creatures; the spoiled one is “Maelstrom Wanderer”:

(courtesy Wizards.com)

…yeah.  Two instances of Cascade on an 8-CMC creature.  This thing is pretty awesome.  I’ve been trying to push off ousting Intet from his current throne in favor of Riku, but this might leave me no choice.  It certainly goes in that deck either way.

Two observations here:

1) If this is another color cycle (as it is indicated in the article), it would mark a second push on the “enemy shard” color scheme that Wizards did with Commander last summer.  I’m not totally sure I wouldn’t rather see some alternate space explored this time around, personally.

2) It may be a nitpick, but I hate it when the design team does the “anonymous Legend” thing.  I get something like Sliver Queen (the “nameless horde” thing and whatnot), but what’s wrong with giving a solid identity to this guy?  “Dudemar, Maelstrom Wanderer” seems so much better, given that these multiplayer sets don’t exactly get a ton of backstory compared to regular expansions.  (Well, not *exactly* better, but the theory…c’mon, you get the point, right?)

Anyway, before I leave you guys to bask in the glory of turkey comas, bad football games, and unwanted political arguments with family members (with apologies to those of you who aren’t U.S. citizens), the final happy note from the article:

…”And speaking of multicolored Legendary creatures, we’ve been asked to mention that other Commander-specific products are on their way…”

Ahh.  Good times!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  See you Friday!