[Editor’s Note: We’re all off doing grand things (Playing EDH and two anniversaries and other human stuff) tonight, and responses to this post have been awesome. We love good discussion, so we’re going to leave Monday’s question grab bag up tonight. We’ll be back with regularity starting with TCD’s nearly-the-last-of-the-“season” on Friday. Thanks for hanging in there!]

Welcome back to Market Research!  You guys should know the drill by now, but if you don’t, here’s the deal:

1. Read the scenerios and questions below.

2. Post your answers in the “Comments” section.

3. Discuss other comments.

That’s really it.  We just like to challenge everyone to think a little bit about the format we all love once in a while, and engage players to think about what really motivates them and what kind of person code of ethics they possess.

It’s a good time.  We promise.  Have fun!


A person new-ish to the regular playgroup guy sits down and flips Braids, Conjurer Adept as his/her general.  He/she then plays land, Sol Ring, and on turn two drops Basalt Monolith and leaves up a blue mana.

Do you:

A. Shattering Spree. Stand up and do victory thrusts right in his/her face. This is what it was made for!
B. Let it go. Benefits of the doubt and all that. Maybe he/she’s just trying to cast Braids. It’s OK to lose one game to figure out what kind of player they are.
C. Start digging for a Control Magic. Use their strength against them.
D. Complain about hating combo.
E. Talk candidly with the rest of the table about how it looks like we are playing a game of archenemy.


You have Bearer of the Heavens in play with an untapped High Market when someone aims lethal damage at you.  You can’t avoid it in any way; you’re about to be eliminated.

What do you do?

A. Let yourself die. Then, take Bearer of the Heavens out of your deck and burn it. Then, buy out your shop of any copies and burn those as well.
B. Sacrifice Bearer; take your proverbial ball and go home.
C. Tap Market, pause for effect, then announce the fakeout while adding one colorless mana to your pool.  Laugh and scoop.


You are playing against someone you have never played before. You have multiple decks. They show their commander as Rafiq of the Many.

What do you play against them?

A. Mono black Ad Nauseam combo.
B. Johan, Friend to Walls.
C. Uril, the Miststalker. Go Voltron toe to toe. (Hopefully)
D. Azami, Lady of Infinite Counterspells.
E. Nothing, unless he caves to your demand to pick a different deck.


Here you go…Tap Island, tap Ancient Tomb, play Trinket Mage.

Go get:

A. Gorgon Head
B. Delif’s Cone
C. Feldon’s Cane
D. Heap Doll
E. Sensei’s Divining Top
F. Mana Crypt


Looking back, which Commander 2013 general was the first one you decided you were going to build around?  In comparison, which one(s) do you actually have built now?


You untapped on turn four with Kaalia of the Vast in play. Weird…no one killed her on sight. You attack, and with the trigger you slide ____________ into play.

Your weapon of choice is:

A. Demonlord of Ashmouth. Giggle loudly.
B. Rakdos the Defiler. Teach them to trust you.
C. Lord of the Pit. You’re old school and you love a challenge. 😉
D. Sunblast Angel. You don’t know how to read cards.
E. Avacyn, Angel of Hope. They had their chance.
F. Sire of Insanity. Youve got 99 problems, but having friends ain’t one.
G. Master of Cruelties.  You like the idea of a judge having to explain the interaction to the enraged player across from you.


How many mana rocks is too many?

A. Any number greater than zero.  I sleep with Creeping Corrosion under my pillow.
B. Three to five. They help with the early turns.
C. Six to ten.  I love rocks.
D. 15+. My name is Sean.  I write for GeneralDamageControl
E. 21+ I’m Sean and it’s a ramp deck. Stop looking at me like that.


8. You’re in an alternate universe where you have to attend your shop three nights a week for Commander pods. You have no choice. There is a condition.  They only play one song in the shop, always on, on repeat, and at top volume.

What song is it?

A. “Call Me Maybe”
B. “We Are The Champions”
C. “Forgot About Dre”
D. “Wind Beneath My Wings”
E. “Hava Nagila”
F. “Fear Me (For I Am Huge And Made Of Metal)”


When is the first time you test out a new deck?

A. When I shuffle it up for a game with my homies. What’s testing?
B. Once I have all the pieces ordered and traded for so i can see it working.
C. As soon as I have a list, I jam some proxies to goldfish it.
D. Only after it is fully theory-crafted in Excel, and all the pieces are perfectly in place.


How often do you actually build new decks?

A. Whenever something stirs my creative loins.
B. When I get bored with the crap in my deck box.
C. Whenever a new set comes out.
D. Wherever an online article pisses me off, and I want to prove I can do it better.
E. All of the above. My wife thinks I have a problem.

Thanks for playing!  You know what to do.

-Team GDC