Here’s the thing-

Sometimes, you have a long week.  Things get in the way, and you miss your regular game.  It kinda throws your whole week off.

Then, work is kind of crappy.  Like every day.  But you’re still crazy-busy.  That doesn’t help.

Finally, it’s Thurdsay.  You need to go to the grocery store for supplies.  Somehow, a bottle of wine ends up in the ol’ shopping cart.

Strangely, the bottle has a hole in it, and it ends up empty pretty quickly.  You have a ton on your mind when you sit down to write, but only questions come out.

So you go with it.

You all know how this works from last time, right? 

1. Back To Basics
You’re finally putting the finishing touches on your latest deck.  The orders have arrived in the mail, you’ve got some fresh sleeves, and you’re getting ready to head out to the local gaming store for a night of EDH.  You toss everything together, and you get down to the last few sleeves.  All you need to do is add in the basic lands to round out the list…
What basic lands do you use in your decks?  Foil or regular?  Specific artist?  Specific set?  What’s your flavor?
2. Snacks And Supplies
It’s EDH night.  You’re headed out to the regular spot to meet up with the group for several hours of Magic.  Before you head over, you swing by the store for some snacks and beverages to get you through the evening.
What’s in your shopping bag?
3. The Judge Revisited
So you’re at the shop waiting for the games to get going.  You’re a little bored, and you find yourself in the back of the room, looking at the board games and Warhammer tables. 
Suddenly, you hear it. 
You turn and look in the direction of the sound.  It’s Sheldon Menery, hiding in the stairwell to the basement.  You walk over to see what he wants. 
It turns out that he’s all mad about losing to you in the impromptu arm-wrestling match from last time, and he wants a rematch.  If he wins, he gets to ban the card that you chose to protect as a reward for beating him last time.  (Turns out he’s dying to ban Hunted Wumpus, and you ruined his dream.)  If you win, you get to add, remove, or change a single rule permanently from the Official EDH Rules.
Turns out Sheldon sucks at arm wrestling.
What rule do you add, remove, or change?
4. Foil It Or Tear It In Half?  (And No, You Can’t Sell It Either Way…)
-Azuza, Lost But Seeking
-Mana Drain
-Boundless Realms
-Identity Crisis
-Avenger of Zendikar
-Sensei’s Divining Top
-Arcum Dagsson
5. Another Simple Question
Fill in the blank:
“If there’s one card that probably goes in every deck, it’s clearly _____________.”
6. Timing Is Everything
What instant or sorcery do you target with Radiate every single time you get the opportunity?
What instant or sorcery do you never target with Radiate, no matter what?
7. Choose Your Poison
You’re given a choice between two decks:
-A mono-red deck containing a copy of Blaze that is cast for free and resolves with X = your opponent’s life total minus one.
-A mono-blue deck containing a copy of Braingeyser that is cast for free and resolves with X equal to the number of cards in your library minus one.
Whichever deck you do not chose is given to your opponent.
Which deck do you choose?
8. Down For Repairs
You’re locked in a room, forced to pick a single card from the EDH Banned List, and then create errata that will make it fair enough that it could be unbanned.  You won’t be let out of the room until the Rules Committee accepts your changes.
What card do you pick?  What errata do you create for it?
Have a great weekend, everyone.