Hello, fellow readers-

I hope the day finds you all well.  For those of us in the US, this long weekend brings us Memorial Day today; as a result, I’ll be heading out shortly to spend the day with family, so the update for today will be a light one.

That isn’t to say that we don’t have some details to look at, though.  I try never to show up empty-handed, after all. 


Most of you know that I’ve been helping fill in for ‘Dear Azami’ for Sean McKeown over on StarCityGames.com while he gets out to handle some of his many other responsibilities.  As you may have seen on his article today, I’ve been offered a permanent home as co-author of “Dear Azami’ moving forward.  As a result, Sean and I will split the schedule on an alternating week schedule.  Pretty exciting stuff!  

I don’t plan on changing the schedule over here one bit, however; GDC is my baby, and we’re speeding up, not slowing down.  As a result, I plan on sleeping less in order cover the increased load.  Seems like a great plan, right?  I know half the joy of my articles is trying to decipher what the hell is actually being said through the early-morning caffiene-deprived haze anyway, so…get ready for more of that.

Alternately, feel free to send donations in the form of Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla coffee.  If I could figure out how to breathe that stuff, I totally would. 


I’m also moving ahead with the ‘guest writer’ plan too, which was kicked off last week with Imshan from Commandercast.com fame chipping in for the Intet piece.  So far, the response has been really strong from his article, which should come as no surprise to anyone who has read his article series “Generally Speaking” over on the ‘Cast.  I want to thank him again for dropping in, and hopefuly he’ll be stopping back over for a visit now and then.

I’m finishing up securing a few other writers at the moment, and we’ll be premiering another article later on this week from one of them, so please stay tuned.  I’m pretty stoked on the added content -It’s all quality, it’s all pretty different in a “world view” sense from where I come from, and I can catch a nap every now and then as well.  Kind of a win/win/win…


You’ve probably also noticed that I’ve got both a Twitter and Facebook account up for GDC now.  Anyone who knows me knows that I’m pretty much anti-social media because I don’t want anyone from my past to find me to get sucked in to all of that crazy business.  Well, my brother (who is part of the team working on the site redesign and also did my curret header art) talked me into it, so here they are:

Check out my Twitter feed here

Check out my Facebook page here

And yeah…I’m still figuring out what to do with both, so hang in there as content develops.  (Shoot me an e-mail with any ideas on how to make these new-fangled contraptions better as well…I’m all ears.)


Okay, okay.  I’m already rebuilding the stable a bit already, so soon on the heels of the reset I detailed a few weeks back.  I stopped and looked at my current four decks, and came to the realization that for someone who preaches the joys of old obscure generals, I was woefully under-representing.  

Enter one of my old flings from back in the day:

I also realized in re-examining things that I managed to completely wipe out my dedicated aggro offerings when I took apart my other decks, and since I’m really into the idea of attacking in this format, I wanted to get back in the game with a decent R/G aggro deck.

With that, the Livonya Aggro Project begins. 

Right now, I need some help on an initial direction, so I need e-mails from you.  Hit me up here, and tell me which one of the following directions is the correct way to go:

1. Equipment
2. Voltron-Style
3. Giant Beaters
4. Tokens
5. That Other Angle I Missed

Feel free to mix and match or dive into details on your suggestions, but I need to know where to start with this thing first and foremost, and so far I’ve only got the generalherself sitting in a light-grey sleeve.  Help a brother out.

With that, I’m off.  We’ll see you all very soon.