Thirteen thoughts for you today:

1)      Enchantments are the new graveyards.  People don’t pay enough attention to them, and need to front-load more was to deal with problems like Survival Of The Fittest, Phyrexian Reclamation, Rhystic Study, Fires Of Yavimaya…the list goes on and on.  There are too many back-breakers out there that are being left on the table unchecked for too long.  People need to play more Aura Thief and Fracturing Gust; by “people”, I’m pretty sure I mean “me”.
2)      The word of the day is “Peacock.”  Peacock is a card archetype; Peacocks are cards that come out and draw a disproportionate amount of attention, but really never end up doing much of anything.  A great example is a card like Tidespout Tyrant; you play it, and the table scrambles to kill it and beat you down in retaliation.  At best, this happens after you’ve managed to bounce only one or two permanents, but usually it happens before you get a single activation.
3)      I want desperately to put Debtors’ Knell on this list, as the only way I ever get to use it is if I kill off Academy Rector at the end of the turn before mine.  Otherwise, it’s gone every time.  Still, I’ve seen what it can do in action, so I’m not sure it’s quite a Peacock.
4)      The number of the day is “5”.  In honor, I’m trying to pin down the Big Five – game-ending spells in each color.  So far:
What are the white and black counterparts?   
5)      Doubling Season.  Two things:
1) How did I miss the awesome alternate-art judge promo?:
2) “Tokens” is the second-most-used strategy I’ve ever seen, only slightly behind “Play lands.”  Why are more people not playing this card?  (I mean, other than the $20+ price tag…) 
6)      I’ve realized that I have two EDH-specific OCD tendencies:
A) “Revised Dual” syndrome: I can’t build a multi-color deck without using the appropriate duals, and I can’t seem to allow an unused dual to sit in a binder – I have to build a deck for it.
B) “Iconic Standards” syndrome: Since we’re on topic for both cards, I similarly can’t let an iconic card like Doubling Season or Debtor’s Knell sit unused in a binder without building a deck for it.  I own a Mana Drain and Timetwister, and have a mono-blue control deck that I never play built just because they needed a home.  Note that this provides a massive ‘slippery slope’-style  problem when syndrome A and B intersect around a card like Maelstrom Nexus
7)      I’m apparently a case-study in irony as it applies to this format.  I hate counterspells despite shelling out for the afore-mentioned Drain, and I hate mass land destruction, but the banner for this site features the art from Obliterate.
             Figure that one out.
8)      I want to see Wizards Of The Coast design some new general options that don’t live in the “enemy wedge” color space.  I want them to head back to Legends-era two-color and three-color options.  I’d like the new generals to be less-obvious to build around; I enjoy my Kaalia deck quite a bit, but it isn’t particularly winning any innovation awards.
9)      Related to #6 and #8, I’ve been sitting on a copy of Angus Mackenzie for damn-near two months without being able to build a deck for him.  That’s gotta be a record for me, and it’s massively irritating.  I’ve got this stack of two-hundred cards that are based loosely around a Cloudstone Curio/Equilibrium bounce engine that can abuse Aluren, and I can’t break it down for the life of me.  It’s like William in Mallrats; I stare and stare at the list, but I can’t see the god-damn schooner hidden within. 
Anyone have any ideas on how to sort this idea out?  I’ve got nothing…
10)  The Portal expansions are really annoying.  This is mostly because I don’t want to pay $100+ for a Plague Wind variant, and partially because it’s only a matter of time before I break down and do it anyway.
11)  True story: I spent several hours trolling GenCon this past year after receiving internet intel on the supposed location and time of Wizards of the Coast employees who would be handing out the fabled tickets that entitle you to buy an advance copy of the soon-to-be-released From The Vault set for the year.  My more-intelligent traveling partners spent the same time sleeping in.  Considering that they didn’t hand out the tickets after all, two of us spent our time wisely, and one of us discovered that even the terrible coffee from the food area in the IndianapolisConvention Center isn’t that bad after being awake for nearly two straight days.
12)  I took the $35 I had set aside, and entered a draft that netted me a foil Grave Titan.  I then bought my newborn son a stuffed dragon for a souvenir, and had enough left for a serious Long Island iced tea at the airport bar in Atlanta.  Considering how From The Vault: Legends turned out, it seems like I probably won out there.
13)   Completely off topic (and totally cheating here), but a traditional baker’s dozen is 13 loaves of bread, and a decimal dozen is 10 bottles of wine.  Two things are apparent to me:
1) This is totally counter-intuitive and stupid.
            2) I read Wikipedia way too much.