Morning, everyone-

We’re going to get back on the Esper horse today with a short and dirty look at lands.  Before we get going there, though, I want to try to lay out what’s left to do before we put this Sharuum thing to bed.

Ideally, I see three more installments beyond today:

-Card Draw

I’ve got counters and removal lumped together, since an aggro deck like this is arguably using both for the same purpose.  I intend to mess around with the format a bit that day, so be prepared to think outside the box.  Likewise, the Wildcard round; I envision this as a ‘last words’ wrapup.  This is your chance to throw in anything we may have missed, or anything you feel like bringing to the table.  No restrictions here, so start brewing now. 

After we finalize our categories, I’m going to compile a list of all of the inclusions we’ve gathered, and we’ll  start to put the pieces in the correct slots.  I have a few ideas as to how I want to go about doing this, so stay tuned…but I guarantee it’ll be a great way to end this thing.  And we’ll get down to giving out the cardboard fruits of your labors…

Am I missing anything here?  Let me know.

.  .   .   .   .

Since we got a rest in last Thursday (sort of…), let’s cut right to the chase, shall we?


Since the category is pretty clear, we can simplify things a touch:

-QUESTION #1: What is the optimal number of lands for this deck? 

-QUESTION #2: Where is the balance between mana acceleration and land for this deck?


Plain and simple.  There are some obvious inclusions in the mana-fixing department (fetchlands, Arcane Sanctum, Command Tower, etc…), so what I’d like to see here is utility.  What lands support our theme?  What options make our list stronger or more resiliant? 

Have at it.  Send me an E-mail here, with the subject “Sharuum Community Project Part 5: Lands”

See you all in a few.