Hello, everyone!  Welcome to another wonderful Monday at GDC.  I was hoping to be able to offer up some playtesting results from Imshan’s deck today, but my weekend took an incredibly busy turn, and my window for shuffling up was sadly closed.  Fortunately (barring me catching the plague that my son and wife are currently…er…enjoying?), Wednesday will mark a full night of EDH at the LGS, so I plan to get in there with both the Thrax list and my freshly-minted Sisters Of Stone Death list.  (List to be featured soon…stay tuned!)

So there’s that, plus Patrick’s Thrax zombies list (including playtesting results), and some other odds and ends involving playgroup composition, using a ‘points-style’ system for fun and…well, mostly just for fun, and some bones I need to pick regarding some recent articles and interactions on the forums.

Holy hell.

I have no idea how I’m going to get this all up in a reasonable amount of time.  Wow.  Seatbelts, everyone.  It’s going to get bumpy.  For now, though, let’s ease into the week:

DJ’s TOP-5 MOST HATED CARDS (in no particular order…)

Nice and simple…these are the top of my list of cards I just don’t ever want to see across the table.

5.  Geth, Lord Of The Vault

This was one I soured on really quickly.  In fact, I never end up at to the point of unleashing an angry tirade mid-game directly at another person, but a certain player and a certain progression of schenanigans pushed me as close to the edge as I’ve ever been.  (Great story.  Hmmm…might be a post coming soon there.)  The big issue here is the turbo-mill in my eyes, coupled with the non-tap cost, and the fact that it’s always being powered by Urborg/Coffers.  No, really…I was planning on playing with that half of my deck, thanks.

4. Myojin Of Night’s Reach

This one is starting to see a renaissance as of late, and I’m noticing an increasing amount of people noting how strong of an include it is.  Uh, yeah.  It’s an indestructible way to force the rest of the table to completely drop their hands.  It’s strong, and it also really sucks.  If you’re into goldfishing while the rest of the table is sitting and staring, this is for you.  I’d actually put any card that completely denies a single resource for a player in with this guy.  (Hell, if the ability only targeted one player, I’d probably still have it up here somewhere.)

Which brings us to…

3. Sundering Titan

This goes hand-in-hand with the Myojin in my opinion.  Does anyone play this ‘fair’?  It’s always someone bouncing it and replaying it a billion times, or Rite Of Replicating it, or whatever.  And it turns into an absolute focus of attention, to the detriment of the rest of the game.  You were playing EDH, but now you’re playing The Sundering Titan Show until someone finally digs up a Swords To Plowshares and actually has a Plains left to tap.  Good times.  Or something.

2. Blightsteel Colossus

This is actually a catch-all for the “Infect” mechanic, which I seriously dislike.  Again, it stems from a fantastic experience I had just after New Phyrexia came out:

-Drive one hour to store.
-Get dinner, wait patiently for games to start.
-Shuffle, draw, play for ten minutes.  Assemble a very modest, unthreatening board position.
-Get completely blindsided by some dude swinging with Blighted Agent and pumping with Untamed Might.
-Realize that game is going to last another two hours.
-Drive one hour home, cursing profusely the entire way.

We have gotten rid of the “General Damage” rule at our local shop, and this takes it exactly in the wrong direction from there.  All set with this.

1. Mindslaver

This probably isn’t a shocker.  I guess I’m counted among those who view the format as a great place to play against some of the biggest, craziest cards ever printed.  Emphesis on “play”.  The number-one worst thing that can happen in EDH is when one person assembles a lock that effectively prevents someone from being able to play the game at all; this card is literally the textbook definition of that.  It doesn’t help that this thing is always being recurred over and over again via Sharuum or Academy Ruins or some other method.  Seriously – have you ever seen someone get ‘Slavered in EDH and be enjoying it?

HONORARY MENTION (Don’t let the doorknob hit you on the way out…)

Just sayin’.

What’s your list look like?