(Note: I was looking for a Monday reference, and Duran Duran came on my IPod.  This is the best you’re going to get today, folks…)

Happy Monday, ardent readers.  Quiet weekend on the Magic front.  It turns out that wiring an emergency generator into your home’s breaker box, then building and weatherproofing an enclosure for it eats up the better part of a weekend, leaving little time for EDH.  Who knew?

So while I was out attempting to not lose any body parts to my power tools, Wizards officially released Premium Deck Series : Graveborn.  I’m having trouble wrapping my head around this one; usually the PDS releases seem to be decent without being over-the-top in card value for the price, but this seemed like it had the potential to raise the bar on the back of the inclusion of Entomb.  StarCityGames is currently selling a non-foil Odyssey Entomb in near-mint condition for $40, while foil versions sell for $60.  It stands to reason that the foil Entomb from Graveborn would push the worth of the release to at least the MSRP of $35, and most likely much higher. 

There was a lot of buzz on this one.  The recommendation from various Commander forum denizens was to buy all day at retail, and woe is the person that misses a pre-buy opportunity.  Expectations were that StarCity would be jacking the prices on the set at any time.

As of this morning…they’re still selling at retail.  And the foil Entomb from the set is in stock at $20.

What’s the deal?  What was missed by the masses on this one?  And how (if at all) will the Odyssey verson be affected in the long run?  Is this thing worth it as anything more than a collectible?