No post tonight. Too many bats are in our belfry. (Yes, we all share one collective belfry.)

Instead, here’s a question I lobbed up on Reddit to a big fat nothing.

What is the best three-color general for a Selenya deck?

For a number of reasons, GW is the color combination that has given me the most trouble as far as creating a decent deck that I like. I’ve tried populate with Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice, combo & control with Captain Sisay, ramp and birthing pod with Karametra, God of Harvests, hate bears with Gaddock Teeg, elf combo with Selvala, Explorer Returned, storm with Chorus of the Conclave, and Asmira, Holy Avenger voltron.

So my idea is to try something different and run a here color general but only g, w, gw, and colorless cards: basically a selesnya deck. I would love to try a legit aggro deck, pretty heavily focused on curving out, with but probably without an MLD finish. But if there’s a better (more interesting and dynamic moreso than more powerful) option, I’m open.
So anyone have any ideas for cool pairings?

<3 @MdaveCS