It’s been a good run.

We’ve been here for twenty-two months.  Not too bad.  That’s a pretty decent stretch.  Two-hundred and sixteen posts, and nearly one-hundred and twenty thousand posts.  Yeah, I never imagined that I see even a fraction of that when I got started.  I just wanted a place where I could complain about infinite combos and poor threat assessment every once in a while.

So thank you all.  It’s been a great ride, and I really appreciate everything you’ve done to support GDC over the past few years.  We wouldn’t be anything without you all, and I can’t begin to explain how much that means to me.

And so, on the 20th anniversary to the day of the initial release of Magic: The Gathering, we say goodbye for the last time.

Well, to Blogger, anyway.  Good lord, this interface is driving me nuts.


Yeah, I’m just screwing around here, folks.  Don’t worry; we’re not going anywhere anytime soon.  Things have never been better, and we’re looking forward to ramping things up over the next few months.

What you’re seeing is (barring some catestrophic series of events) the last post on Blogger for GDC.  For the Thursday update this week, we’ll be flipping the switch on the new site at long last.  We’re headed over to a proper WordPress platform, with a custom design and a new logo and look.  Pretty exciting stuff…we’ve been looking forward to this for quite a while.

With the change, there will be an official welcoming post, which will explain what’s up, and what’s coming up.  We’ve got some new faces, and some new features, and lots more on the way.  Good times!  I hope you’re all as excited as we are.

For tonight, though, let’s take care of a few odds and ends…


We’re almost ready to head west.  These came in the other day:

We’re really stoked on these things. 
Please come find us at GenCon.  We’ll be watching Twitter and Facebook very closely, so if you’re looking for us, give us a shout and we’ll let you know right we are.  (Hint: it’s likely to be me at an EDH table, all of us playing 2HG sealed, or sitting at the bar at The Ram or P.F. Changs.)
For those of you that won’t make it to Indy, shoot us an email here.  We’ll get you the GDC Headquarters address, and you can send us a stamped and self-addressed envelope and we’ll send a handful over to you.  If you ask nicely, Mr.P might even bust out the silver Sharpie.  His Sharpie alterations are pretty epic.
There’s also these things:
If you see these walking around Indy, come on up and say hi to the person wearing them, and maybe we can get a game going. 
(Come to think of it, let us know if there’s any interest in these as well.  Maybe we’ll whip up a small print run.)
The Plan
This year, Mr P and I (plus entourage) will be flying out Wednesday night for points west.  If you were around last year, here’s how it went down:
-Twitter will be rolling from the moment we leave to the moment we get home.  This year, you can follow in two places: @GDCCommander (me) and @thingsMrPthinks (Mr P.)  The usual rules apply.  Pithy comments and updates on the fly as they come.  The GDC Facebook will again be used for the bigger guns; most of the pictures will end up over there to keep it fresh and different.
In a nutshell, stay tuned.  We’ll make it worth your while.
The Events
I’ve alluded to this a bit already, but there are two event types for EDH at GenCon this year:
  • 4-Man Sit-And-Go events, using a “points-style system.”
  • The three-round events, like the last few years.
This year, the three-rounders are happening at four different times over the weekend, but Pastimes wisely removed them from the “GenCon Championship Qualifier” rotation, so they won’t likely be as cutthroat as last year.  Still, the prize support is measured in boxes, so these will no doubt be where the Prime Speaker “metagame” deck will come out.  I still expect to meet broken decks, and I’m dying to see if my proof of concept will stand up to them enough to police the combos and win the socially-acceptable way.
The 4-mans should prove to be interesting.  I have no idea what to expect from these; all I know is that they fire all day long when they fill, and there’s some list of points or accomplishments in play designed to keep the games more fun and interesting, and less about comboing out as fast as possible. 
I’m bringing Karador and Angus Mac at least to give these things a good run, and I’ll be sure to run rolling updates on how they work and how the games go. 
What else do you want to see?  As we did last year, we plan to try to bring the experience to everyone we can who can’t make it, and to have a blast with anyone who does make it. 
So what do you want us to show you?  The city?  The sights?  Or do you want to see the games?  Are there other things that we should try to see or do? Other games we should try?  How many alcohol-soaked dinners and rooftop pool excursions are too many? 
And can any of you post bail if we need it? 
Let us know what you think, folks.  We hope to see you in Indy next week, or if not, we hope to hear from you just as much.
So thanks again, Blogger.  It’s been fun.  Or something like that.  We’ll see you all in our new digs in a few days.  The next time you visit, it should be a whole lot cooler.