Happy Monday, everyone.  It’s a really hectic start to the week, so I’m going to put up and shut up today.  We’re kicking off the first “Other People’s Decks” feature with Andrew’s Ulasht, The Hate Seed deck, and we’ll kick off the “Open forum” portion of the Sharuum Community Project.  Let’s dive right in…
Andrew is one of the regulars at Worlds Apart, and his trademark deck is his token-based Ulasht build.  I’ve mentioned it a few times in game reports, and a few of you asked me for the full list.  It’s a strong token-based theme that has the potential to ramp very quickly, and can explode into a serious combo-driven red-zone win nearly out of nowhere with tools like Shared Animosity and Spontaneous Generation.  It runs a ton of redundant pump options and a boat-load of token generators, and has a *ton* of ways to give its guys haste; as a result, once you hit mid-game against this deck, you need to be prepared to deal with the possibility of a lethal alpha-strike at any given turn.  It runs quite a few less removal options than I’m personally comfortable with, but it focuses on dealing with enchantments and artifacts that hinder the gameplan of massive attacks, opting to just overwhelm any creature-based threats for the most part.  
It’s a really effective build, and sees more than its’ share of wins as a result.
LANDS – 38
15 x Forest
.   .   .   .   .
This is it, gang – the last part of the exploratory phase of the Sharuum Project!
As I mentioned last week, today is the wildcard round.  For this final installment, I want you to take the opportunity to seize the soapbox and go to town.  Anything goes here; this is your last chance to get in your final thoughts and suggestions about what this deck needs, doesn’t need, or the direction the final list needs to take: 

-Did we miss a card/cards?
-Is there a card or cards we *should* have missed? 
-Do you have an opinion on the balance of lands/spells/creatures?
-Are we building the wrong deck?  Using the wrong general?  Wrong strategy?
-Already have a rough draft for the deck put together?
-How was your lunch today?  😉

In all seriousness, whatever you’re feeling like discussing is fine with me.  This is the last chance to get in suggestions on how Sharuum will come together, so please let fly.  Talk as little or as much as you’d like.  
I’m going to leave this open for one week, so we’ll be doing a full recap and examining the card suggestions and established guidelines that you’ve put together next Monday.  From there, we’ll dig in on hashing out a final list, and I’ll give it a solid breaking in and game report to see how we did.
And there’s the small matter of rewarding you guys…I have some solid ideas, but I’m open to suggestions if you have any cool ideas as well.   
Send me an E-mail here with the title: “Sharuum Community Project Part 8: Wild!
Thanks again, everyone!