The team GDC editorial and production staff are sicker ‘n dogs (and have their hands full of (sick) babies)(and cats probably).

So we’re bringing you zero fresh content tonight.


In the meantime, perhaps you’d like to go back and listen to the magic (puns!) of one of our older podcasts (which you can always find under the category and the tag “Podcast,” and while are all (or all soon will be) available via our feedburner link, to which you can subscribe in any number of ways, such as iTunes.)

#1 GenCon ’13 Week: Something About A Podcast?

#2 Win a Commander 2013 Pre-Con!

#3 A bit of what you fancy

#4 Things are getting serious

#5 Complainatron 5000 – Kaalia, Goodstuff, and Staples

Or perhaps you’d rather browse some of our archives. All Dave’s stuff from the Friday column is conveniently tagged “Three Cards Deep,” and all Sean’s evil can be found at “Black Sheep.”

Cass, Mr. P, and Imshan’s silliness is far more difficult to find. But browse away!


We hope to return Wednesday if not tomorrow with all the regular awesomess. In the meantime, Elder Dragon Highlander is neither played by elders, The Highlander, nor Dragons (as far as I’ve seen). Discuss amongst yourself in the comments.


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