So this happened last night:



I thought this was interesting, because I had the same reaction to Sepulchral Primordial when I first played it.  The first Wednesday after the Gatecrash release, I showed up to Worlds Apart for EDH Wednesday with a pack-fresh Primordial in it.  I don’t remember what the deck was, but I remember that my Sepulchral had ended up in the graveyard at one point, when another player played his own copy.  In addition to whatever he got from the other graveyards, he took my Primordial, and got a whole other string of reanimations out of the deal.  I think that wave allowed him to grab a Clone, starting another whole string again.

I kind of checked out at that point.  I think the whole table did as the one guy in the driver’s seat deliberately went about taking a ten-minute turn that probably ended with him having all the toys and effectively ending the game.  I remember being incredibly dejected by the whole thing, and I remember the rest of the table seemed to react the same way.  I know it sounds epic, but it just took the wind out of the whole table.  The fun died.

I didn’t make it home before the card came out of the deck.  I tossed it immediately onto CardShark, and it sold and was mailed out by Friday.

That became my line; a single card that was overpowered enough that it devolved the game into a non-interactive goldfish for one player, a sort of instant unassailable position that roughly took the rest of the table out of the game by a mile, but didn’t just end it outright.  It’s a fun-killer; a little more on tap, and it may as well just be a combo-enabler, a little less and it might just be fair.  Instead, it makes people check out.

What’s your line?  What’s the card that does this for you?  Is it a deck?  A combo?  What do you specifically keep out of your decks, despite the obvious (or maybe not-so-obvious) power level or popularity?

Hit up the comments and let me know where you draw the line.


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Sheer Awesome

The card on the right took down its first game last night, thanks in part to landing a Liliana of the Dark Realms emblem and being able to toss out gigantic Soul Burns and Maga, Traitor to Mortals with X=21.  When your Swamps tap for four mana, it’s pretty easy to do dumb things.

However, and more importantly, the card on the left hit the table, went monstrous, and swung into the red zone.  This is the best thing that has ever happened to me at a card table ever.  I’m a changed man.

(Yeah…it happened in garbage time and I still lost the game, so there’s that.  But really, it seems like a win, right?)