Welcome back to another year here at GDC!  I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday seasons. 
To get things started this year, I’m going to take a look at the things on my plate for the upcoming year.  I’m not a perfect person inside or outside of Magic, and retrospection reveals a lot of holes to be filled (or at least duct-taped over for the time being.)  I thought it would be fun to share some of the things on my list of needed improvements, both Magic and non-Magic-related, and see what the rest of the world has in mind for themselves in 2013. 
(That’s a direct challenge to light up the ‘Comments’ section, folks.  If Patrick and I haven’t made it abundantly clear by now, we love big discussions.  Don’t leave us hanging here…)
Without further ado:

-The top of the list is making a run at the ‘Commander Constructed’ events at GenCon 2013.  We documented how things unfolded last year, and I think that despite the confluence of increasingly-screwy circumstances, there was a light at the end of the tunnel when the dust settled.  I really feel that it’s possible to take down a serious EDH ‘for-prizes’ event without resorting to degenerate combo after the results of last year, so look to start seeing the next level in the development of my “metagame-breaker” deck very soon.  I’ve got a lot planned here – breaking down the archetypes I’ve seen (or could see) represented, working through the ‘solutions’ to the problems, tuning the decklist (including the potential for rebuilding from the ground up if necessary), and hopefully running the final list through the gauntlet.
-The corollary to this is that I plan on showing up with a very clear list of questions for the Pastimes staff running said events this year.  I’ll be damned if I’m going to try to hit a moving target again, so I’m going to be grilling these poor judges on how points are awarded, time-limits for games, sideboarding/substitution rules, and so on.
-Let’s just knock out the GenCon section all at once.  I resolve to not only do a better job of getting in some casual EDH games while I’m at GenCon this year, but also to try to host a meet-up.  I want to sit down and meet any of you who are able to get out to Indy this year, and I want to get in some real games with some real players and fans.  This is what EDH is all about, and we drive that point whenever possible, so I want to make good on this promise through any means necessary.
-Lastly, we (yup…speaking for Patrick here too) resolve to bring an EDH event to GenCon 2013.  We’ve had a few years to see things and understand what works and what doesn’t, and come Hell or high water, we’re going to host an event this year that hopefully brings together a crowd of EDH players who want to show the rest of the world how tournaments should be done.  This is another one we’ll be very transparent on regarding development, so stay tuned.
-I resolve to lose twenty pounds.  Gotta have the old standby, right?
-I plan on trying to be more level-headed during my local games.  For better or for worse, I have a strong tendency to let my mood swing depending on how a given game is going for me.  I need to get to a place where I can roll with things a little better; if someone destroys my board or counters a key spell and deflates my game, I need to get comfortable understanding and accepting that this is just the way things play out sometimes. 
Probably would do wonders for my blood pressure too, not to mention increasing my enjoyment of things on a regular basis.  Funny how that works…
-I resolve to not audible out of my initial gut responses at Prereleases.  Hind sight has proven that I should have stayed in Rakdos at the RTR Prerelease; Azorius wasn’t a stellar choice due to cardpool and fit with my preferred play style. 
Day two with Golgari was even worse.
For Gatecrash, I’m calling it now – I’m on Orzhov for the first event, and if I make a second one over the course of the weekend, it’s Simic.
-I resolve to try to keep at least one or two of my existing decks together for the whole year.  Apparently I have the attention span of an 8-year old hopped up on Mountain Dew.  Skullbriar and Sigarda are going all the way to 2k14, no matter what.
-Let’s work in “Update GDC on time, every time.”
-I miss my Timetwister.  I’m going to pick another one up this year.
-I resolve to build outside of (my) box this year.  I typically can’t stand R/W, B/R or U/B color combinations without much exception; this year, I’m going to work on one or more.  I’m going to try to steer clear of base-green starting points for my decks in order to open up new creative ground. 
I’m going to take a general I dislike and build a deck around it.  Things like this are on the list.

-GDC hit 50 Twitter followers and 50,000 hits this past year.  In 2013, I want to grow that to 200 followers and 100,000 hits.

-I want to play in a competitive constructed event this year.  It’s really easy to let the EDH blinders take over, and I know by my enjoyment of the Prereleases (for better or worse) that I still have a competitive streak. 
I don’t know what the event will be, or when it will take place, but I’ll get a deck together for some sixty-card format and give it a whirl.  Diversity is a good thing, right?  (I’m fully up for suggestions here, by the way…)
Colossus of Sardia is going in something this year.  I’m also getting Cauldron Dance back in the game.
-By the end of the year, I’m going to teach my son the basics of playing the drums.  And then, I’ll get him started on “Run To The Hills” by Iron Maiden or “Linoleum” by NoFX.
-I’m going to branch out and read more EDH content.  There are tons of great writers putting out articles on TCGPlayer.com, ChannelFireball, and there are new blogs popping up all the time.  There’s a whole world out there that I haven’t begun to scratch the surface on, and I really need to see what’s going on.  (Does anyone have any suggestions for me?)
-I’m getting Eric Klug to alter a general for me. 
-I’m going to get the green light to present a spoiler card on GDC for an upcoming set.  Hey – you gotta aim high, right?
-I resolve to not complain so much in my articles.  (Everyone needs a resolution that has no chance of actually happening, after all…)

.   .   .   .   .

Seriously, folks…it’s great to be back in the swing of things.  If nothing else, I resolve to make sure that Patrick and I work hard to grow GDC into something bigger and better than last year, and continue to give you all great reasons to support us in what we do.
And I resolve to enjoy and appreciate this format over the year.  It’s a pretty incredible one, after all.
What about you?  What are your resolutions for 2013?  You know what to do and where to do it…