What’s shakin’, EDH players? Welcome to the inaugural installment of Scroll Rack, a series where you, the reader, get to pick the fine minds at General Damage Control on all things EDH. This week’s article focuses on tough card choices, and how to get the most mileage out of the strategy you’ve chosen. Let’s dig right in!



Kyle, your question is not an uncommon one amongst Boros EDH players: How do we feed the beast? Most people cop out and add a color, but we aren’t interested in that. While there isn’t a wealth of pure draw in white or red, there are enough ways for you to stay ahead, providing you maintain proper pressure. Since this article is named after it, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention one of white’s favorite deck manipulator/draw engines, Scroll Rack, as well as Land Tax. The German FBB ‘Tax is a personal favorite of mine 🙂

Since your general is Iroas, God of Victory and you’ve referenced SkullClamp and Mind’s Eye, I’m going to assume you’re comfortable with equipment and artifacts. Adding Stoneforge Mystic, Godo, Bandit Warlord and Taj-Nar Swordsmith will provide three reliable ways to tutor whatever is needed. Popular equipment that offer cards include Sword of Fire and Ice and Mask of Memory.

From there, I strongly advise you to consider Sunforger (Spoiler: The King & Arlo Show is planning a comprehensive run-down of this amazing card in one of our first episodes. Stay tuned). The “Ban Hammer” gives any Boros player access to a diverse and powerful array of instants. Most folks are aware of popular choices like Chaos Warp and Enlightened Tutor so I’ll suggest a couple blink spells that give you repeat ETB effects on the above-mentioned equipment tutors. Ghostway and Cloudshift fill this role nicely while also protecting your creatures from annoying spot removal, and in the case of Ghostway, it can even be used as protection from Wraths!

Another way to gain advantage in these colors would be utilizing white’s great array of graveyard recursion. Beyond the obvious Karmic Guide, I find that cards like Sanctum Gargoyle and Monk Idealist offer nearly as much value, especially with the new enchantment-creature hate bears running around. Why worry about drawing so many cards when you run Aegis of the Gods, Eidolon of Rhetoric and Spirit of the Labyrinth?

Hope this helps, Kyle!

Eef, your submission treads water I’m not incredibly confident in. Having never built blue-red artifact synergy, I decided to reach out to a couple very knowledgeable players in my community with experience in the topic. ‘Flex, Mrs. Callahan, this one’s for you:

Old Spice


Alright enough shenanigans. The simple is answer is yes, run Liquimetal Coating. I’m also assuming you feature Mycosynth Lattice, as you already have a small handful of interactions with it. What I’d really like to see from your build is an expansion on this fun, offbeat yet powerful synergy. Here’s your tier one:

Between these seven cards you can steal, destroy or tutor for just about anything. My personal favorite is Shattering Pulse, but that’s because I’m a sucker for intimidating players with buyback spells.

Tier two synergies for you include some of the following:

Best of luck, Eef!

CM Punk

What have we here? Big Daddy P looking to punish ramp players? It’s as if he’s…. hmm… Defending the Social Contract? Nah, we don’t do that here…

It appears the theme of our first Scroll Rack has become “reminding people red doesn’t suck.” Mr. P, I would typically advise you to use Acidic Soil, preferably in a Zo-Zu the Punisher deck. Add in Price of Progress and you’ve got some legit ramp hate!

These suggestions fail to ultimately answer your question, however, because of the caveat that you’re looking for ways to accomplish this punishment fairly. With a little set up around it,  Cleansing can be that fair method. I’m envisioning an Ephara, God of the Polis build that utilizes Land Tax, Tithe, Mystical Tutor and Archaeomancer. White ramp offers you slow, steady growth in mana so that people can’t just ignore/race your Cleansing, while Misty Toots and Archaeomancer enable you to consistently threaten people into sacrificing those lands they don’t need.

Good luck!

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Well, that about wraps us up for this week’s Scroll Rack. Next week’s issue focuses on finance and speculation in the world of EDH, so send in your questions early and often using #ScrollRack. Should be a fun one.

 Thanks everybody!