What’s up EDH gamers? This special (read: late) Tuesday edition of ScrollRack comes courtesy of my new extended schedule, so hopefully I can bring some happiness and laughs over your morning cereal. Speaking of scheduling, from here on out ‘Rack will be releasing on the weekend, so GDC can now potentially invade your brains seven days a week.

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Absolutely Dovescape is acceptable to play in EDH. For me the issue is more about what you pair next to this card than anything else. If the plan is to run it alongside stuff like Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite, you should probably go back to the drawing board. Alternatively, combining ‘Scape with stuff like Warp World in the last iteration of your Zedruu build could be a fun way for everybody’s favorite smoking goat to go out with a bang. I wouldn’t play this card consistently, but once a night seems like tons of fun.

Hi Ryan, thanks for submitting. ETB tapped lands are a great resource for getting extra mileage out of your landbase, while paying a pretty minimal cost. Up until the announcement of Onslaught fetches being reprinted, I advocated strongly for the Mirage tap versions. But you’re not asking me which I use…rather how many, and that depends entirely on the deck being built. When I’m playing Jenara, Asura of War I run very few due to her triple-color requirement and the likelihood I will want to cast her turn three. A friend of mine built Scion of the Ur-Dragon using all ten Karoos alongside Judson’s favorite, Amulet of Vigor.

While he went big on occasion, the ‘Roos were more of a crutch than anything else. Drawing multiple taplands in an opening hand can end your game before you start, and when people know your mana base to be fragile in the early going, they will attack it. My suggestion is run no more than five or six, and trust your basics! Basic mana is the hardest to destroy, always comes in untapped and always offers colored mana. Show the OG’s some love, Ryan.

Power RangerStay in school, don’t do drugs, take your vitamins and run The Abyss in your Glissa deck. That is, unless Sheldon and Co. decide it needs to be banned, since trying to win is now frowned upon by the RC.

Great question, CK! I’d start with a package for Imperial Recruiter then do the same for Sunforger, which is also my focus for the second episode of The King & Arlo Show. We’ll record after The King gets back from his two week trip up to Canada. Why Canada? Because he’s sick of Burning Man…but I digress (also, I’m gonna try really hard to get the first episode up this weekend).

Back to this awesome modal charm idea CK has. For a base we’ve got fifteen instants and five sorceries. Since charms are rather reactionary by design, being able to consistently have access to the right charm is necessary. Rather than take the road well traveled and just say rock a bunch of tutors, I’m gonna focus on a semi-popular two-card combo that will enable you to answer just about any challenge that crosses your path: Traumatize and Praetor’s Counsel. After successfully taking half your deck in hand, only being short on mana should stop you from locking things down. My final thought on the subject is the importance of spell recursion. Even if you don’t get the giant Counsel off, having stuff like Archaeomancer (Recruitable, I might add) gives you options, which seems to be the entire point of this exercise. Hope I’ve helped!


Sometimes you gotta beat somebody with their own leg, Kaka.

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