Last time around, we went over how to get your draw on in a discard-themed deck. Discard decks are fairly rare, so this week we will be going over enchantments. Enchantments have always been somewhat common, but with Theros block being introduced, they have entered into a whole new level of popularity. Enchantments and Auras in particular are supported heavily by Wizards, so we have a wide range of options to work with.

In this series, I will be going over packages that can be used to fill the role of card advantage while sticking to a particular theme. We will be regularly releasing these articles until the series runs out. Each article will cover one theme and suggest a seven-card package that you can fit into your deck to have a base level of card advantage.

The themes being covered:

  1. Discard
  2. Enchantress
  3. Beasts/Big Creatures
  4. Tiny Creatures
  5. Lifegain
  6. Second Sunrise
  7. Cycling – Life from the Loam
  8. Legends
  9. Elemental
  10. Instants/Sorceries – Sunforger
  11. Future Sights
  12. Artifacts
  13. Graveyard (Reanimation loops)
  14. Goblins
  15. Counters
  16. Untapping


There is a quick and easy test to see if this week’s package will work for you. Do you play at least fourteen enchantments in your deck? Does your deck have both green and white? If you said ‘yes’ to both questions, then this package is perfect for your deck. Thanks to the constellation mechanic, these decks are more powerful and now have more options than ever. This package is called “enchantress” because the majority of the package are cards with ‘enchantress’ right in their name.

The Cards

  1. Argothian Enchantress
  2. Eidolon of Blossoms
  3. Enchantress’s Presence
  4. Mesa Enchantress
  5. Verduran Enchantress
  6. Kor Spirit Dance
  7. Tallow wisp

The package here doesn’t require much to understand how it works. Just play enchantments and aura enchantments to draw cards. The only card that may leave you scratching your head is Tallowisp; it was printed during Kamigawa block when they were trying to push a theme of both spirit and arcane cards. It was also printed well before Theros block; this means they didn’t realize that there would be enchantment-creatures with spirit as their type. All the Eidolon are spirit-enchantments, so you can string all of them out using Tallowisp.

Also – if you are playing Bant (white-blue-green), it gives you another continual searcher that happens to be a spirit in the form of Sovereigns of Lost Alara. This amazing spirit lets you not only search for auras, but attach them directly to an attacking creature. If you don’t want to play blue (or don’t like Spirits), Sterling Grove is a reasonable option to replace it.


Here’s an example of what this deck would look like with the draw package inside it.

The enchantment path is so well supported that we end up with a deck that doesn’t even play Sol Ring – and with good cause. There are four other 1-drop ramp spells that don’t get shut off by Stony Silence. You can see how the restrictions for this theme really allow deck builders to push the limits and try out things they would normally write off as not being good enough when compared to regular EDH staples. By building synergy into the draw packages, you give yourself incentive to continue to build upon the theme throughout the deck.

I hope to see you next time when we see how to get value out of Commander’s favorite creatures – the big beautiful beasts.

Sean Patchen