Hey folks…just a quick drop-in here:

I downloaded an image editor from CNet the other night, and it came with a very thoughtful gift; now, when I boot up my laptop, a replicating .exe virus locks up the OS in about 30 seconds flat.  Couple this with the fact that it’s an old, tired laptop anyway, and I’ve long-since lost the boot disk and copy of Windows XP, and it equals a nice boat anchor sitting on my desk where I used to have a computer.

The bad news is that I lost two articles, once of which should have gone up last night.

The good news is that tomorrow is my birthday, and this gives me a wonderful excuse to break out my Best Buy credit card and go shopping for a nice present.

Long story short, We’ll be back up and running on Monday for regularly-scheduled goodness.  Lots to talk about – Some new in-game pet peeves I’ve come across recently, and a boat-load of Dragon’s maze spoiler complaining analysis.

See you in a few-