Well, not completely.  We’re shovelled out from what I’m being told is 21 inches of snow.  However, it warmed back up today, cooled back off and iced the trees over, and the power company is trying to figure where the errant break in our service is.  Again. 

Here’s hoping the pipes don’t freeze, folks.  I’ll be back in full action as soon as I can; posting here from my phone simply won’t cut it. 

In the meantime, if you haven’t seen it, head over to LegitMTG.com and check out the article I authored last Friday – ‘Diagnosing Competetive Commander”.

Part two goes up in short order, and we’ll be bringing the actual development of the GenCon 2013 “Metagame Hate 2.0” deck back in-house over here, as we’ve discussed in the past month or so. 

So here’s the homework assignment:

-I’ve got a rough green/blue list together that I’ll have posted ASAP.  It’s a blue-base control list with green ramp and Regrowth effects, and it lacks a real win condition.  The deck needs to also be proactive to attack combo, since sand-bagging a counter or two doesn’t cut it when my opponents are drawing every answer in their decks with Temple Bell/Mind Over Matter or a huge Stroke of Genius.

It will be way easier to answer this question once you have the lists and details of the metagame from last year, but for now, tell me – Where do we take the list from here?