It turns out they tell you to stay home for twenty-four hours after beginning medication for strep throat for a reason.

I’m absolutely wrecked, folks. Good times!

Fever has subsided for the moment, but throat still feels like I’ve been swallowing broken glass, and the “railroad spike behind the eye” headache is still in effect 24 hours in. Sleep comes in short bursts.

Did I mention good times?

I guess this is a “vacation” week for me, folks, and for that I apologize. With a few more days of meds in the system, I’ll be back and ready to resume the regular schedule Monday. In addition, Mr P is going to be at GP: Vegas this weekend, so he should undoubtedly have some solid content once he debriefs.

In addition, Thraximundar v2.0 is ready to roll, so hopefully this week will see some more play time so I can update you all on the changes and how they perform. I took feedback to heart and made a lot of changes you suggested, so I’m sure good things will happen. If not, you’re all to blame…

Also, Omnath has been completely retooled to the new ‘alt-wincon.dec’ format, now with added resilience to tuck effects. I’m excited to see how this works out as well.

For now, I’m off to try to (hopefully) catch some sleep and kick this stupid thing. In the meantime, though, the Deconstructing Kresh project is nearly ready to roll, so I’d like some initial input on where to start.

Keeping in mind that the plan is to start with the quintessential, stereotypical, busted-in-half to the near point of degenerate combo Kresh, at which point trial, error, and feedback will lead us all through the steps of de-tuning the deck into something far more fun, interesting, and socially acceptable in the average playgroup…

(Yeah…nice run-on sentence. I blame the fever.)

Let me know in the Comments section…what are the card(s) that we need to start with?