Defending the Commander Social Contract

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Cider, Porkrolls, Boardgames and the Social Contract

Hey again gang!

I’ve been thinking. Thinking is, of course, great…however, sometimes it gets me a little off topic, so you’ll all have to wait for the next instalment of Mental Cesspool.

Since you are all here however, I guess I should get on with jabbering about the epiphany I’ve had today.

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Mental Cesspool 4 – Spellslinging Synergy


Welcome back to part four of my ongoing exploration into combo decks in EDH!

In the last installment, we talked about how to engineer mass numbers of spells played in a turn. We talked about whether it was better to run spells through free casting agents like Omniscience, to focus on building an infinite mana production engine, or if it was better to simply rely on synergy engines to grind mass spells out.

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Mental Cesspool 2 – The Storm Is Brewing

Welcome back, folks!  Picking up from last time, hopefully you all remember I started talking on the subject of non-creature, non-two-card-monte kills. We talked about different types of non-redzone kills available, which included X-CMC spells, Rube Goldberg engines and Storm-like effects.

What I would like to do today is to delve deeper into what actual viable kill cards we have available.

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Mental Cesspool 1 – The Fellowship of Deck Design

Greetings everyone! It’s been a little while since I’ve talked deck tech. Part of the problem is that there has been so much new stuff coming out and I have so many Commander projects on the boil that I have been a little stumped with what to build next. Some of these projects are things I am looking forward to springing on the rest of the GDC crew and the general Commander community attending GenCon this year.

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Brave New Year – Part 2

(Editors’ Note:

Welcome back to Kaka’s Fate Reforged set review. Part 1 can be found here.  Enjoy the show!


Staying with blue, as blue gets all the toys-

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A Very GDC Christmas!


Merry Xmas from GDC!  What follows is one part technical difficulty, one part Uncle Kaka, and possibly several parts Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon.  From us to you and yours!

Team GDC)

A couple of weeks ago, I was filling in on recording duties for the GDC podcast. It’s been a while since I have had reason to be recording a Skype call, and your listening pleasure is certainly a fantastic reason for me to embark on the Tolkein-esque escapade of trials and tribulations that I have attempted to trek. Jason, Erik, Mr P and I had a fantastic gripe and grumble about the state of Commander post-C14, as well as tales from the recent GP “Joisey” amongst other topics. Regrettably, due to some unforseen technical issues (cough cough Mr P’s self-admitted ability to EMP my computer clear across the whole globe), the bulk of the recording was rendered unrecoverable.

Sorry guys – not even Uncle Kaka’s formidable “skillz” can make this one better. I can, however, give you guys and girls at least a window into the shenanigans that went down. So without further ado…

The Booze Inspired 2014 General Damage Control Christmas EDH Decklist!

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GDC Sneak Peak at the Magic: The Gathering Boardgame

I find when travelling I meet some of the most interesting people. I met my wife travelling to Sydney; I have met and played fantastic games of Vintage and Commander in Dunedin, New Zealand. I have played and met many fantastic people, including some who today I still play with as team mates in Vintage events. Sometimes you meet people who when you stay in contact with them may happen to have a few tid-bits of cool information they can share.

Earlier today, one such tid-bit dropped into my lap. As we all probably have heard by now (and if not, could I get some decorating tips from you regarding sprucing up my own rock that I hide under?), there is a Magic-themed board game in the wind. There have been a whole pile of rumours floating around about whether this will be a tactical board game, collectible miniatures game or some kind of living card game.

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GP Sydney – Part Two

Hanging out on the couch musing the musings…
Firstly I’d like to apologise to everyone. This has taken me more time than I anticipated getting this to you all.  Between post-con-tiredness (“PCT”), Con-Plague (oh the horrors of Con-Plague!), and analysing all the things that went on…

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Killing It Softly (With Psionic Blast)

Like many people, I suspect I have my best deviant ideas in a nice hot morning shower. And about twelve months ago, a real doozy hit me.

Before I explain, let me first ask you all a question. Stick your hands in the air if you remember Psionic Blast. Go on…stick them up there.  Now, take them down if you just looked at the mouse over image or checked Gatherer.

Yeah…I thought so.

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GP Sydney – Part One


Kaka is making the scene at Grand Prix Sydney this weekend.  Stay tuned for plenty of  Magic goodies from Down Under!


0630 Central Australia Time – Sitting at Adelaide Airport waiting…

Adelaide Airport - 6am

Adelaide Airport – 6am

Hey all! It’s that time again here on the Australian Magic scene – our second Grand Prix of the year. Unlike you lucky folks up in North America, we’re pretty lucky to get one or two GPs a year, so when we have them, they are a pretty big thing. I’m writing this from the gate at Adelaide Airport, oddly one of my favourite places in this city. Shortly (read: in about an hour) I’ll be winging my way eastward to Sydney (that’s East Coast Australia for anyone not in the know – yes, the one with the weird bridge and the silly pointy Opera House) to join the rest of the thronging Aussie M:TG scene for a weekend of pounding face, slinging cardboard and getting hammered with mates and mate-ettes.

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