Defending the Commander Social Contract

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The GDC Family Is Growing! (Also – GenCon Plans for the Team)

Welcome back, everyone! Today is going to be a bit content-light, as we have a few important announcements and some other assorted odds and ends to manage today. We’ve got some new additions to the crew, and as the GenCon events went live for pre-reder last weekend, we’re all in the mood to talk about the plans for converging on Indianapolis this summer (In 68 days…but who’s counting?) 

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What To Do When Commander Goes Stale

Have you ever reached a breaking point with EDH?

Have you ever had a moment where you just go, “You know what? I’m done. Screw this.”

Have you ever ripped apart your entire collection of decks in a fit of overwhelming frustration and anger after a night of some really unsatisfying games, which capped a terrible day that started with some really annoying car troubles that never quite went away, magnified by the pending need to spend about $3K to get both your car and the wife’s minivan to pass inspection, on top of a really bad week or two of work, and a washing machine that leaked, ruining the carpet and the sub-floor and requiring several days’ worth of demolition and expensive rebuilding just to be able to wash a damn pair of jeans without being overcome by the stench of mildew?

That can’t be just me, right?

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Single Card Discussion – Why Possibility Storm is the Greatest EDH Card Ever

This past weekend, this happened:

I understand that this board state is damn-near impossible to figure out from the picture, so I’ll try to do it justice; the gist is that it centers around the greatest card ever printed – Possibility Storm.

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Examining the “Tuck Rule” Announcement

The Dragons of Tarkir Banned and Restricted announcement has hit, and for Commander, it’s an absolute game-changer. Here’s the announcement:

The pertinent info is here:

“If your commander would go into the library or your hand, you may choose to put it into the command zone. It’s as simple as that. Just like with the graveyard, if you want it to go into the library/hand, you’re more than welcome to let it. Note that this is a replacement effect, but it can apply multiple times to the same event.”

“Tuck” has left the building.

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Commander Questions (You Should Be Asking)

First, a precursor – I’m an idiot.  At least some of the time, anyway.

Next – This is important:

Now…down to business. Today, a tale of woe, and a (sort-of serious…ish. Maybe.) lesson on how to protect yourself when the social contract can’t.

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Palladia-Mors – The REAL Return Of The Elder Dragon

I’d love to tell you all that I’m brimming with excitement over all of the things that I want to talk about today, and that’s why there’s a pot of coffee brewing and the pellet stove is on as I write this at 3:46am.

That would be partially true, but mostly a lie.

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Tiny Leaders – A (Slightly) Dissenting Point Of View

By now, most of you out there have had some exposure to the new sub-sub-format that is Tiny Leaders. It has seen major exposure on the bigger sites, lots of blog lip service, and plenty of forum/Twitter/Reddit exposure.

It’s a thing. Whether it sticks around for the long haul is up for discussion, but for now, be prepared to see plenty of it around.

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The Fun Box – Crawling Back From The Bleeding Edge Of Commander

I’m that guy.

It’s taken me a long time to really come to terms with this fact; to step up and really own it for the first time. I’ve made tons of excuses over the past year as to why I’m just trying to keep up with the overall power level of the shop, or why I needed to compensate for a particularly rough patch of game losses, but the reality is pretty simple:

My name is Cass, and I’m a blatant GoodStuff™ abuser.

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Holiday Throwback #4 – The “F” Word

Kaka said it best:

…One article that really forced me to think this year was “The F-Word”.  It’s one of those pieces that really forced me to think about what EDH means not just to myself, but also to others. As such I bitch less about being tanked by the red zone. But I also use that new thought to bridge a gap with others in communication about what we love about the game. It’s good mental food for thought.

Thanks very much, Kaka.  I really appreciate it.  This one was very near and dear to me. 

Without further ado:

Originally Posted Here – “The ‘F’ Word”

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