Defending the Commander Social Contract

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Lens of Clarity – Examining the Command Zone

Hey folks! Welcome to Lens of Clarity; the name for my regular monthly article, where we look under the morph overlay card to see whether that pesky 2/2 creature is an Akroma, Angel of Fury, a Willbender, or a Scornful Egotist!

…Okay, more accurately, we’ll look at how some of the interactions we love and hate work under the hood. I like the image of examining something by peering intently through a monocle, and somehow the art for Lens of Clarity appealed to me, so I thought it might be apt to use it as my column name.

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2015 Resolutions – Hatching My Plans

Hello everyone!   It’s the start of a brand new year…that time of the year when everyone makes grand plans about the next 364 days to come. Hatching Plans

You may have a short list, or you may have a long list; on New Year’s Eve 2016, you might look back at this year and reflect on the resolutions you’ve made, and on those that you’ve missed. Whatever the case is, I strongly believe in having a set of goals to achieve, because then you have a direction in which you proceed. 

With that, I’d like to share my MTG-related goals for this year!

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The Social Contract in Motion

Cass mentioned while introducing us new GDC crew members that I’m a current L2 judge (with aspirations to become L3.) One of the main things that attracted me to Magic is ‘the stack’ (I’m a computer science graduate), and EDH has always fascinated me not just with its big plays, but also the myriad rules interactions that simply boggle the mind.

Of course, the biggest factor that pulled me into this format is the community. I’m blessed to be part of a group of like-minded individuals who adhere to the same social contract. One day, I’ll write more about them and their contraptions, but today, I’d like to talk about the social contract – in specific, relating two situations which I’ve encountered that really show how important it is to think about what a social contract really means, and what effect it has on the players that encounter it.

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