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How Not to Combo Off – Ghave at a Crossroads

I’m at a deckbuilding crossroads. More Bone Thugs n Harmony than Devil Came Down to Georgia. I’m pulled in three directions: tighten up curve by shaving clunky fun cards; pull out mana-intensive haymakers that often snowball out of control to sub in more “weird, wonky, fun” cards; or more or less do nothing, just keep tinkering.

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Learning From GenCon Pods – UW Control Evolves

I wanted to follow up on Cass’s GenCon Metagame Breaker dirge with some details and color from my experience, because it was a fun and super interesting learning experience. And also, in the end I came away with a few very clear ideas about what I should be doing.

I’ll just let that dangle ambiguously.

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Mental Cesspool 2 – The Storm Is Brewing

Welcome back, folks!  Picking up from last time, hopefully you all remember I started talking on the subject of non-creature, non-two-card-monte kills. We talked about different types of non-redzone kills available, which included X-CMC spells, Rube Goldberg engines and Storm-like effects.

What I would like to do today is to delve deeper into what actual viable kill cards we have available.

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GP Sydney – Part Two

Hanging out on the couch musing the musings…
Firstly I’d like to apologise to everyone. This has taken me more time than I anticipated getting this to you all.  Between post-con-tiredness (“PCT”), Con-Plague (oh the horrors of Con-Plague!), and analysing all the things that went on…

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Black Sheep – Neighborhood Combo Watch

Last night, I played with some new local players. Most of the games were decided through traditional combat damage. I took down two games with infinite mana combos. (Well, one game was won by an infinite mana combo. I realized after the fact that in the second game the combo wasn’t required to cast the Overrun effect I used to actually win…oh well). We talked about what the players considered socially acceptable before the game began, so infinite combos were established as something to be expected. The part that surprised me a bit was that the table was taken by surprise by the combos, even though one of the pieces had been out for several turns.

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