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Grumpy Old Man – Magic Economics, Playing Vintage Online, Consipracy, and Why I Hate SolForge

Welcome back, everyone. I’m on four hours of sleep, and the A/C is out in my office. I feel like some good old-fashioned complaining today. Fasten your seatbelts…

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Grumpy Old Man – Prerelease Lamentations

(Editor’s Note-

Grumpy Old Man is a new column that Cass will be breaking out from time to time to…well, complain about things.  It should not in any way be mistaken with the regular content Cass provides when he…well, complains about things. 

But hey…the man has roots to go back to once in a while.)

I didn’t go to the Journey Into Nyx Prerelease this past weekend.  What’s worse, I didn’t particularly care that I missed it.  I checked Twitter all of once all weekend, and just went on with my business – cleaning the house and riding bikes with my son and grocery shopping and sleeping in my armchair in front of the television.  

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Lessons In Hyperbole (Alternate Title: Why Chromanticore Is A Terrible Idea)

It’s that time of year again, folks.  Spoilers for Born of the Gods are in full swing, and that can mean only one thing here at GDC:

Wonderful new things to complain about.

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