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The GDC Un-Review of Dragons of Tarkir

As of last Friday, Dragons of Tarkir is available for purchase at your favorite local game store, online at a vast number of wonderful Magic-specific retailers, and…er…well, Target and Walmart. (Let’s hear it for big box stores!)

Here’s the thing – you’re likely expecting a set review. And we refuse to deliver.

Well, sort-of, anyway.

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Lens of Clarity: I Have Seen the Future

I look through my March Lens of Clarity. I have seen the future.

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And Now, Mr. P Reviews the Generals from Dragons of Tarkir

Oh hey! New set! It’s been awhile!

Wait, no it hasn’t! It was only like a month and a half ago that I was writing one of these stupid articles, and BOOM! New set, baby!

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