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Of Missed Opportunities And Elder Dragons – A Brief (But Angry) Rebuttal


Wizards of the Coast touched a nerve for Erik on this one.  Lesson learned – get him mad about something, and he Hulks out and curses like a pirate.  Be warned…)

Wizards of the Coast – thank you! Sincerely, I thank you for printing more Elder Dragons. Despite my age, I have been playing Commander since Time Spiral was printed. I had a Nicol Bolas deck at one point, as I could get my hands on an actual Elder Dragon.  Since then, creatures have gotten much better, but the Elder Dragons have not aged like fine wine.  Even Bolas is expensive and clunky with the upkeep demand.

But now, WotC has given us new Elder Dragons! Let us Rejoice!

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Playgroup Evolution: Fearless Magical Inventory

Welcome back to Playgroup Evolution! Since we are still in the beginning of the year, I thought I’d try the whole “goal setting” thing most of the other writers have been doing; See, I can be a team player!  Besides I’m pretty sure Mr. P has the lancer role covered (Here is a link to the lancer role – I’m not sorry!)

So…I was thinking about what to write for this entry in our journey to making the greatest playgroup, and I hit a wall. My group has been running really good. We even have people meeting up on different days just to get their fix for some EDH games. It’s pretty great.

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Playgroup Evolution: Teachable Moments

I have no Magic related resolutions! There I said it. No resolution. I’m a bad llama.

Bad Llama

Right, so back to Playgroup Evolution! We don’t need no stinking resolutions. We move at the speed of natural selection, eventually making a better species. Uh… wait…We move in leaps and bounds making our playgroup better. Yeah, nailed it!

This week, we’re going to discuss teachable moments in EDH. These moments are, as the blatant title suggests, moments during the EDH experience where more experienced players can help the others in their group get better. But you probably knew that, since it’s rather obvious. But that’s the thing – as obvious as this is, we rarely do it. Instead, we simply tell new players or less experienced players that we are correct. End of story. Done.

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Playgroup Evolution: Dropping Discrimination

Welcome back, esteemed readers! Let’s talk about discrimination in our games, shall we?

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article discusses and references some derogatory and offensive terms.  Please be warned.)

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Playgroup Evolution: Threat Assessment

Welcome back to Playgroup Evolution. Rather than delve further into the point system like the Sultai (see what I did there?), this week I’m going to discuss evolving a playgroup’s playstyle in a slightly different manner. No surprise here, since the title gives away my topic – Threat assessment is one of the most crucial elements to multiplayer games. Threat assessment can be tricky to teach to players, partially because doing it well often means losing more. I’ll break down a few tips to help shape your group to be better players.

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Playgroup Evolution: Poker Awards

Welcome back to Playgroup Evolution, dear readers! This week we’ll be delving into the poker-themed awards that my point system is using. These advanced awards have been triggered a few times and are among some of the more difficult to achieve; however, these awards have been the ones that people remember both the names and what they do most. These are ones that people can immediately recognize and say “Adam got Straight…mark it, Bobby!” which is really awesome for me.

Before we get going on the whole article, let’s go over what awards exist now.

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Evolving A Playgroup – Evaluating Enjoyment

Welcome back!

From the title, you can infer today’s article is going to be about a pretty subjective topic. How do we evaluate the enjoyment people are having during EDH games? There are many different ways to determine “fun” during games; for the competitive player, this often means playing as well as possible and winning.

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