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A Very GDC Christmas!


Merry Xmas from GDC!  What follows is one part technical difficulty, one part Uncle Kaka, and possibly several parts Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon.  From us to you and yours!

Team GDC)

A couple of weeks ago, I was filling in on recording duties for the GDC podcast. It’s been a while since I have had reason to be recording a Skype call, and your listening pleasure is certainly a fantastic reason for me to embark on the Tolkein-esque escapade of trials and tribulations that I have attempted to trek. Jason, Erik, Mr P and I had a fantastic gripe and grumble about the state of Commander post-C14, as well as tales from the recent GP “Joisey” amongst other topics. Regrettably, due to some unforseen technical issues (cough cough Mr P’s self-admitted ability to EMP my computer clear across the whole globe), the bulk of the recording was rendered unrecoverable.

Sorry guys – not even Uncle Kaka’s formidable “skillz” can make this one better. I can, however, give you guys and girls at least a window into the shenanigans that went down. So without further ado…

The Booze Inspired 2014 General Damage Control Christmas EDH Decklist!

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Happy Fourth from Team GDC

Happy Fourth Of July

Sorry for the content downtime. The Fourth of July (my favorite holiday! – Dave) conspired with hurricane A-something to attack New Hampshire’s infrastructure, knocking out Cass’s Interpipes.

Plus, Wednesday we all got to sling cards. So expect something good. Until then, enjoy blowing something up on ‘Merica Day. Maybe play Ruhan, the most patriotic and on-American-theme general.

Seriously, though.

Happy Independence Day

-Team GDC

Happy Holidays and an Announcement

First off, Woooo! Memorial Day. Hope you did some remembering. It’s an important day.

GDC’s First Tweetup

Second, tomorrow we’re trying a new thing. A “Tweetup.” Basically, Cass, Sean, and Dave tend to spend a lot of time in G Chat shooting the bologna about topics (ED) Highlander and Magical while we’re at work. We wanted to try doing that in a public forum where other people can chime in. Here are the details:


We want to talk about the pros and cons of WoTC designing specifically for EDH, spawned in part by the new #MTGCNS legends and in part by some surprising controversy we’ve experienced about Nekusar. This means we’ll discuss the homogenization (or lack thereof) of decks and such in our local groups, compare Sydri to Oloro to Nek to Muzzio to Grenzo to Marchesa, and complain a lot about stuff (spiking casual prices for example).


On Twitter. We’ll be hashing #EDH and #GDCTweetup to all the questions we pose, and we’ll try to keep them on all the comments so the conversation will have a readable flow for later. Also, everything will be flowing through the main handle, @gdcCommander. Hopefully this will also let us make longer comments by not having several handles eating up characters at the start of each Tweet.


Very slowly during the entire workday Tuesday, May 27. We are all adults. Sometimes we have lulls that synch up and we actually converse. Other times it’s polysynchronistic, and that is fine. So don’t feel bad if you join late or if nobody answers right away.


And if you have other stuff you want to talk about feel free to throw that out there tomorrow. Why does Cass look like a bear? Why does Sean only build evil combo decks and everyone hates him? Is Mr. P actually the best alterist on the scene? Does Dave only know how to write columns that work in groups of three?

You get the idea.

Hope to see you on the Tweeeeeters.

-Team GDC


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