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How Do You Contend With A God?

Despite my general loathing for DC Comics, I find one power relationship in the whole of their canon interesting (even if one of the characters is as one-dimensional as they come)-

Superman, and Lex Luthor.

Think about what it means to be Lex Luthor; he has chosen (and let’s face it, he picks this fight) to contend with a being that cannot really be defeated on a regular axis of struggle. In a stand-up fight, Superman simply cannot lose.  But Lex picks that fight anyway, because that’s the kind of world he lives in, and those are the kinds of fights he needs to pick. In a sense, he’s a courageous fellow.

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Next Level tech

Sometimes, when I’m playing with my friends at my dining room table, I get looks for “always having an answer” (even though, like most magic players, I have an answer roughly half the time). [Editor’s note: Welcome back Imshan!!!!!!! We haven’t heard from our swarthiest member in a while. Hope everyone enjoys his wisdom.)

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Oloro, The Giant That Ruined Everything

I hate Oloro, Ageless Ascetic.

I have a bitter loathing for Oloro, and it’s not because I need to deal you two more damage every turn that you live.

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