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Tribal Regrets

Welcome to Tribal Week!  Now that you’ve had a week to play with your new C17 Tribal toys, maybe you want to hear us complain about them!  Awesome!  See you later this week for more Tribal lamentation!

New decks are here!  Tribal theme!  Four decks!  Who’s excited?!

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An Introduction to James – Thelon of Havenwood

I’m honestly not sure how to start here.

I’m James – Some of you may recognize me from, which is no longer active. I was invited to write for that site by the founders, and enjoyed my time there. I would like to extend my thanks to Christian and Scott for the opportunity they provided, and I wish them and the other writers all the best – I’m sure they will all land on their feet, and find spots elsewhere with their writing.

I would also like to thank the team here at for their support of ECC, and for giving me the opportunity to join here. It’s a big change for me, and I’m not sure how to approach it properly.

I thought a good place to start would be to look at one of my decks to show you all a little bit about who I am as an EDH player.

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The GDC Family Is Growing! (Also – GenCon Plans for the Team)

Welcome back, everyone! Today is going to be a bit content-light, as we have a few important announcements and some other assorted odds and ends to manage today. We’ve got some new additions to the crew, and as the GenCon events went live for pre-reder last weekend, we’re all in the mood to talk about the plans for converging on Indianapolis this summer (In 68 days…but who’s counting?) 

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