Defending the Commander Social Contract

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Why Does It Feel Like a Homecoming

Cass brought us back on Wednesday and although the site doesn’t look quite right, we’re getting there (thanks in no small part to good homie Ryan Swaney. NYC Magic represent!).

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VIDEO: On EDH Origins

Magic Origins has been revealed as the final core set, and will show several planeswalkers as they lived before their spark ignited. Origin stories are always a blast and it got me thinking of my own EDH origin story. Today I’ll be showing you an up to date version of my very first EDH deck as well as a new deck that plays along the same themes but with the benefit of years of new cards and new experiences with the format.

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VIDEO CONTENT – Progentizing the Gods

EDH is a lot of things to a lot of people, and even a lot of things to one person (me). While I definitely enjoy fine tuning competitive decks that can take down a table with ease, sometimes I like to build lower powered decks that might lose a lot of the time, but can lead to some great stories.

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