Defending the Commander Social Contract

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Lookin for a Group

I’ve recently started going to a new shop. I’m trying to get a regular Commander crowd going there, but I’m having some trouble.

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Black Sheep – The Axis of Resources

Nearly every defining aspect of a Commander deck depends on the context of your playgroup. The speed of a deck, the competitive level, and the social acceptability of decks must be measured against this context because you don’t play Commander in a vacuum. When looking to improve a deck, the playgroup represents the single most important factor to consider. It’s likely that defeat awaits even the most objectively cutthroat deck in a group where the environment hates it out.

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Black Sheep – Newer Year, Magical-er Resolutions

Last year, I wrote a New Year’s resolution article on this site:

In summary my resolutions were:

  1. Fill my deck box
  2. Update and finish decks
  3. Double the size of the local commander group
  4. Promote players to veterans
  5. Get GDC mentioned on a major site

Let’s see how I did.

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