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Playgroup Evolution: Prize Structures

Welcome back to Playgroup Evolution, readers! This time we’re looking at league prize structures. Prizes need to: find a balance in awards, work within a good league structure, reward more than just winning games, and not break the store’s bank. Ready to go?

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Playgroup Evolution: Poker Awards

Welcome back to Playgroup Evolution, dear readers! This week we’ll be delving into the poker-themed awards that my point system is using. These advanced awards have been triggered a few times and are among some of the more difficult to achieve; however, these awards have been the ones that people remember both the names and what they do most. These are ones that people can immediately recognize and say “Adam got Straight…mark it, Bobby!” which is really awesome for me.

Before we get going on the whole article, let’s go over what awards exist now.

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Evolving A Playgroup – Evaluating Enjoyment

Welcome back!

From the title, you can infer today’s article is going to be about a pretty subjective topic. How do we evaluate the enjoyment people are having during EDH games? There are many different ways to determine “fun” during games; for the competitive player, this often means playing as well as possible and winning.

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